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Also known as: Te Whanganui a Tara; Poneke; Weringitana; Port Nicholson.

The capital city of New Zealand.

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[untitled figure] Advert Advert A First Echelon recruit is medically examined at Wellington left to right: Dr E. M. Litchfield, unidentified recruit, Sir Fred Bowerbank and Sir Donald McGavin aircraft assembly — Assembly of De Havilland training aircraft in a Wellington factory Aircraft construction at the de Havilland plant in Wellington, 1943 A LITERARY HAT-TRICK Back Cover BAM — BOOKS ART MUSIC black and white advertisement Black and white map of army routes black and white photograph of enlisting recruits Black and white photograph of soldiers black and white photograph of troop ship Canadian sailors in Wellington on VJ Day, 15 August 1945 Celebrating VE Day, Lambton Quay, Wellington, 8 May 1945 Congratulations to — Peter Black and Sport — for ‘Moving Pictures’ DEGAUSSING RANGE Wellington DEGAUSSING TECHNICIANS Wellington Drinking milk on the wharf, Wellington, June 1942 Embarking on HMT Dunera at Wellington, 4 January 1940 Facsimile of a Letter Farewell parade, Wellington, August 1940 Figure 13.2. Wellington, mid 1880s: Neighbourhoods adjoining Lambton Quay HEARTS AND MINDS — SIX STORIES BY KATHERINE MANSFIELD Hospital ship patients arrive at Casualty Clearing Station, Aotea Quay If every bookshop tells a story … I think we should go into the jungle LEAVING — a novel by Carol Sinclair Loading beef for England on a Wellington wharf manpower shortage in transport — Women tramway employees — Wellington, 1944 Members of 1 NZGH take part in the Second Echelon farewell parade, Wellington Left to right: Capt D. G. Radclifle (with glasses), Capt D. T. Stewart and Capt. J. M. Clarke Moving House NEW AND RECENT BOOKS NEW WORK STUDIO New Writing from Victoria University Press NEW ZEALAND FILM THEATRE AND TELEVISION CRITICISM NEW ZEALAND FILM THEATRE AND TELEVISION CRITICISM — ILLUSIONS Petrol Company about to embark on the Orion at Wellington PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS AT THE — — Auckland City Art Gallery Publisher’s Advertisement Publisher’s Advertisement services for united states camps — Installing power at the New Zealand built camp for United States Marines at Anderson Park, Wellington Sharp new novels for delayed departures; Soldiers' cemetery, Karori, Wellington, 1944 Songs and Stories of Tokelau Spike state housing — Road planning on a pre-war state housing scheme at Wellington Subscribe to SPORT SUBSCRIBE TO SPORT SUBSCRIBE TO SPORT sustenance for a united states marine — Making friends with a City Milk Department horse on the Wellington wharves the captured tanker ole jacob The Dominion Monarch carrying the Maori Battalion arrives in Wellington The Dunera leaving Wellington, January 1940, en route to Lyttelton to embark First Echelon troops, including 4 Field Ambulance The Empress of Canada at Wellington The first furlough draft returns to Wellington, July 1943 The Governor-General, Lord Galway, farewells the First Echelon at Parliament Buildings, Wellington, 3 January 1940 The New Land The Redemption of Elsdon Bird — NOEL VIRTUE The return of the 28th (Maori) Battalion, Wellington, 1947. Two kuias express grief for the relatives of soldiers who died overseas The Strathaird leaves Wellington, 5 January 1940 uNITY — bOOKS — — The Best of — Both Wor’ds WHO EDITS? Woman tram conductor, Wellington, 1943


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