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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II

32 — Headquarters 2nd NZEF (Cairo) to Army Headquarters (Wellington)

page 26

Headquarters 2nd NZEF (Cairo) to Army Headquarters (Wellington)

21 August 1940

The Order of Battle for the Third Echelon has just been received from England. Your telegrams of 9 March (No. 31) and 27 April1 indicated that 2900 reinforcements, other than first reinforcements, were coming with this contingent. The latest list shows no reinforcements other than 638 first reinforcements. Are no other reinforcements coming with the draft?

Pending a decision, it is desirable to have a larger number of reinforcements in view of the demands of the Base organisation which has not yet been built up.

The first intimation of the proposed despatch of a group of nondivisional Engineers units was received here from England on 19 August.2 Please repeat to this Headquarters any further telegrams regarding the constitution or movement of echelons or reinforcement contingents. Please advise urgently the composition of the reinforcements sailing with the Third Echelon.

1 Not published. This telegram gave the numbers of officer and other rank reinforcements by arms of the service which would sail with the Third Echelon.

2 See Volume I, Special Units—Railway, Forestry, and Army Troops Companies, New Zealand Engineers.