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Divisional Signals

List of Illustrations

page xiii

List of Illustrations

Linemen working after snowfall at Castelfrentano New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) Frontispiece
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First Echelon officers of Divisional Signals 10
Embarking on HMT Dunera at Wellington, 4 January 1940 Wellington Harbour Board 10
Third Echelon detraining at Maadi, September 1940 C. R. Ambury 10
A ‘bread-van’ wireless truck J. P. McConway 10
Western Desert Force Signals' camp at Baggush, 1940 R. R. Tweeddale collection 10
Men's mess at Baggush C. R. Ambury 10
Underground exchange at Western Desert Force headquarters 10
Sgt A. D. Morgan on a No. 9 wireless set, Western Desert C. R. Ambury 10
New Zealand signalmen, Sollum, Christmas Eve 1940 J. W. Bateman collection 42
Repairing a bomb-damaged line C. R. Ambury 42
Wireless section detachment at Bomba, Cyrenaica C. R. Ambury 42
A flood outside the orderly room at Burbeita C. R. Ambury 42
Athens from the Acropolis C. R. Ambury 42
Signal office and main exchange, Divisional Headquarters, Kalokhori C. R. Ambury 42
Technical maintenance work at Katerini C. R. Ambury 42 page xiv
North-east of Mount Olympus C. R. Ambury 42
Capt C. A. Borman and Lt A. G. Hultquist on Servia Pass New Zealand Army (R. T. Miller) 144
Bivouac near Olympus Pass A. S. Frame collection 144
M Section battery-charging truck near Tirnavos C. R. Ambury 144
Signal equipment salvaged from Greece D. M. Burns 144
Mess queue at Galatas D. M. Burns 144
At the church, Galatas D. M. Burns 144
At Galatas: Lt H. W. Wilkinson, Capt J. Feeney, 2 Lt R. W. Foubister, Capt E. L. J. Marshall D. M. Burns 144
Suda Bay after an air raid C. R. Ambury 144
Divisional Headquarters' exchange at Galatas C. R. Ambury 176
Outside Creforce Headquarters above Canea, looking west C. R. Ambury 176
Leaving Crete C. R. Ambury 176
Ceremonial parade at Maadi Sporting Club New Zealand Army 176
Training and refitting after Crete—a line detachment on exercises New Zealand Army 176
Signal office at a field regiment headquarters in the Second Libyan Campaign N. W. Laugesen 176
Signal officer's truck destroyed by shellfire, Second Libyan Campaign 176
Operating a No. 19 set inside a signal truck, July 1942 New Zealand Army (H. Paton) 176
Mr Churchill meets Lt-Col G. L. Agar at Headquarters 13 Corps John White 272 page xv
Lt C. Smith washing clothes near Kaponga Box 272
Messing in a signal truck near Burg el Arab G. R. Bull 272
Laying a line from a cable truck New Zealand Army 272
Repairing a line, Tripolitania New Zealand Army (H. Paton) 272
Divisional Headquarters' signal office in action New Zealand Army (H. Paton) 272
Maori Battalion defeats Divisional Signals in the New Zealand Rugby championship final at Tripoli New Zealand Army (H. Paton) 272
A dug-in signal office at Divisional Headquarters, south of Enfidaville C. G. Pryor collection 272
Messages, 12 May 1943, Tunisia HQ 2 NZ Division, General Staff Branch war diary 304
Inspection of Divisional Signals by General Freyberg, June 1943 New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 304
The move to Italy—loading a jeep New Zealand Army (G. R. Bull) 304
Repair and maintenance truck in the Sangro valley L. W. Hutchings 304
The road to the cookhouse at the Sangro L. W. Hutchings 304
A forward signal centre near Castelfrentano L. W. Hutchings 304
Testing field cable after the snowstorm on New Year's Eve 1943 New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 304
American signal wires on Route 6, Cassino G. H. Levien 472
Adjusting an exchange relay at Cassino New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 472
Adjusting a wireless set New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 472 page xvi
Charging batteries New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 472
A brew of tea for some of L Section at 6 Infantry Brigade headquarters New Zealand Army (G. R. Bull) 472
Securing a line to a tree, Atina-Belmonte area New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 472
Transmitting L. W. Hutchings 472
Paying out cable on the advance at Atina New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 472
A device for twisting cable New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 504
Near Castiglione during the action for Lignano New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 504
Signal unit headquarters, Castellina —from a painting by J. Figgins 504
A telephone in Faenza ruins New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 504
General Freyberg's farewell visit, Florence, 15 November 1945 New Zealand Army 504
unit commanders
Lt-Col S. F. Allen S. P. Andrew 504
Lt-Col G. L. Agar 504
Lt-Col R. L. C. Grant New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 504
Lt-Col C. G. Pryor 504
Lt-Col N. R. Ingle 504
Lt-Col R. W. Foubister 504