Title: Sport 5

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 5: Spring 1990


page 160


Caroline Barnes is a Dunedin poet.

Miro Bilbrough; born in 1963; work published in Sport 1 & 4; presently lives in Sydney.

Paola Bilbrough was born on Waiheke Island in 1971. She lives in Wellington.

Betty Bremner lives, dreams and writes in Wellington.

Mark E. Brooke lives in Dunedin where he is a student.

Alan Brunton: Red Mole writer; returned to NZ in 1988 after several years in the USA.

Rachel Bush was born in 1941 in Christchurch. She grew up in Hawera and is now a teacher in Nelson.

Hilary Campbell lives in Auckland. Currently she drives a bus and thinks alot.

Bernard Cohen teaches writing and Literary Studies at the University of Western Sydney and is co-editor of Editions, the bimonthly book review. This is his first NZ publication.

Lynn Davidson's poems have appeared in Sport and other periodicals.

Terry Driessen has a story in Takahe (winter).

Grant Duncan, who lives in Auckland, has recently spent several months in Siena translating contemporary Italian poetry.

James Fenton's selected poems, The Memory of War, and journalism, All the Wrong Places, are published by Penguin.

Maurice Gee's novels include the Plumb trilogy and, most recently, Prowlers. He has also written children's books, short stories, and scripts for film and television.

Bernadette Hall's second book of poems, Of Elephants, etc, is to be published by Untold.

Michael Harlow's latest book of poems, Whatever Happened to Giotto's Elephant?, will be published by McIndoe in 1991.

Stephanie Johnson published The Glass Whittler (NWP) in 1988 and is currently completing another volume of short stories and a novel. She lives in Auckland with her partner and son.

Andrew Johnston; born in 1963; works as a subeditor on the Dominion.

Lloyd Jones works as a freelance journalist; his second novel is Splinter (Hodders); 'Baggage' is from work in progress.

Philip Kelly is a member of the Wellington Media Collective.

Michele Leggott's second book of poems will be published by AUP in 1991.

Harold Marshall is head of the Acoustic Research Centre at Auckland University and is a consultant on concert halls.

Stuart McKenzie is a student of religion. He lives in Wellington.

Sarah Maxey lives in Wellington.

Julie Nevett is a writer living in Wellington.

James Norcliffe lives in Christchurch; a collection of poems will be published by Hazard in 1991.

Vincent O'Sullivan is well-known for his poetry, plays, short stories and criticism.

Bill Pearson was born in Greymouth in 1922. His books include a novel, Coal Flat (1963), and a collection of essays, Fretful Sleepers (1974). A collection of his early stories will be published by Victoria University Press in 1991.

Jeffrey Pettis lives in Dunedin.

Colleen Reilly is an American living in NZ. She has published two novels. This interview has also appeared in Australian and New Zealand Studies in Canada (3, Spring 1990).

Alan Riach is a Scottish poet who lives in Hamilton; his book This Folding Map is published by AUP.

Chad Taylor lives in Auckland and works as a journalist; he has had stories published in Other Voices (1989).

Richard von Sturmer is a writer and performer. His second book, A Network of Dissolving Threads, will be published by Auckland University Press in 1991.

Ruth Watson was born in 1962. She is an artist who lives and works in Wellington.

Virginia Were is the author of Juliet Bravo Juliet (VUP), which won the 1990 PEN Award for Best First Book of Poetry. She is presently living in Sydney.