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The Maori - Volume II

List of Authorities Quoted

page 593

List of Authorities Quoted

Angas, G. F.—Author of The New Zealanders' Illustrated (1847); Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand (London, 1847).

Awanui, Te.—A native contributor of Omarumutu, Bay of Plenty.

Banks, Sir Joseph.—Author of a Journal of Cook's first voyage. Published in London (1896).

Beattie, H.—Author of many papers on the natives of the South Island of New Zealand published in The Journal of the Polynesian Society and The Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Bidwill, J. C.—Author of Rambles in New Zealand (London, 1841).

Brown, G.—Author of Melanesians and Polynesians (London, 1910).

Brunner, T.—Author of Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Interior of the Middle Island of New Zealand. Published in Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Vol. XX. (1851).

Buck, Dr. P. H.—Author of a paper, Maori Decorative Art, published in Vol. LIII. of Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Buller, Rev. J.—Author of Forty Years in New Zealand (London, 1878).

Buller, Sir W.—Author of A History of the Birds of New Zealand (London, 1873), and of other works.

Christian, F. W.—Author of The Caroline Islands (London, 1899); also of other publications concerning Polynesian folk.

Colenso, W.—Author of an essay on The Maori Races of New Zealand, published in Vol. 1. of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute; also of many other papers on Maori subjects published in that journal.

Cook, Capt. James.—The journals of Capt. Cook contain a vast amount of valuable data pertaining to the natives of Polynesia and New Zealand.

Cooper, G. S.—Author of Journal of an Expedition Overland from Auckland to Taranaki (Auckland, 1851).

Crozet—Translation of Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, etc., by H. Ling Roth (London, 1891).

Cruise, Capt. R. A.—Author of Journal of a Ten Months'Residence in New Zealand (London, 1823).

Dieffenbach, Dr. E.—Author of Travels in New Zealand (London, 1843).

Du Clesmeur—Author of Journal of the Marquis de Castries, an account of Marion Du Fresne's voyage, often termed Crozet's Voyage. English translation published in Vol. 2 of McNab's Historical Records of New Zealand (Wellington, 1914).

D'urville, J. Dumont.The history of the Voyage of the Astrolabe, published at Paris 1830-1835 in five vols., is the finest of the earlier publications pertaining to the South Sea region.

Earle, A.—Author of A Narrative of a Nine Month's Residence in New Zealand in 1827 (London, 1832).

ELLIS, Wm.—Author of Polynesian Researches, 2nd. ed. (London, 1831).

Evans, Sir J.—The famed writer on stone implements of Great Britain.

Fornander, A.—Author of An Account of the Polynesian Race (London, 1878).

Forster, G.—Author of A Voyage Round the World in His Brittanic Majesty's Sloop Resolution (Cook's second voyage) (London, 1777).

Goldie, Dr. W. H.—Author of Maori Medical Lore, a paper published in Vol. XXXVII. of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Gudgeon, Col. W. E.—Author of many papers on the Maori published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society, the Monthly Review, etc.

Haast, Dr. J. Von, Zoologist, etc.—Author of papers on Maori kitchen middens, burial grounds, etc., published in Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Haddon, A. C.—Author of Evolution in Art (London, 1895), etc.; also of Migration Cultures in British New Guinea, published in Vol. 50, Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute.

Hammond, Rev. T. G.—Author of The Story of Aotea (Christchurch 1924).

Heaphy, Major C.—Author of a paper on Port Nicholson and the Natives in 1839, printed in Vol. XII. of Transactions of the New Zealand Institute (Wellington, 1880).

Hewitt, J. F.—Author of Primitive Traditional History (London, 1907).

Hari Wahanui—A native contributor of highly interesting data.

Hochstetter, Dr. F. von.—Author of New Zealand, its Physical Geography, etc. (Stuttgart, 1867).

Hori Ropiha—A native contributor of much data.

Ihaia Hutana—A writer in various native publications.

La Billardiere—Author of Voyage in Search of La Perouse, English translation (London. 1800).

L'horne, P. de.—Author of a Journal of De Surville's Voyage, published in McNab's Historical Records of New Zealand, Vol. II. (Wellington, 1914).

Mair, Capt. G.—Author of Reminiscences and Maori Stories (Auckland, 1923).

Manihera Waititi—A valued native contributor of data.

Maning, F.—Author of Old New Zealand (Auckland, 1863).

Mariner, W.—Author of Natives of the Tonga Islands. (1817).

Marsden, Rev. S.—The Diary of this Pioneer Missionary contains some interesting data.

Matorohanga, Te—One of the best native authorities of last century.

McDonnell, Col. T.—Author of Tales of the Maori (Auckland, 1887).

Mohi Turei—A native contributor of much data.

Moser, T.—Author of Mahoe Leaves (Wellington, 1863).

Mundy, Col. G. C.—Author of Our Antipodes (London, 1852).

Nelson, C. E.—A noted Maori linguist whose stores of knowledge have been lost.

Nicholas, J. L.—Author of Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand in 1814-15 (London, 1817).

Parkinson, S.—Author of A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas (Cook's first voyage) (London, 1773).

Peopling of the North,” by S. Percy Smith (Wellington, 1896).

Polack, J. S.—Author of New Zealand, a Narrative of Travels and Adventures (London, 1838); also of Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders (London, 1840).

Porter, Capt.—Author of A Cruise in the Pacific in the U. S. Frigate Essex, which was captured by H.M.S. Phœbe (1882).

Potts, T. H.—Author of Out in the Open (Christchurch, 1882).

Savage, Dr. J.—Author of Some Account of New Zealand (London, 1807).

Shortland, Dr. E.—Author of The Southern Districts of New Zealand (London, 1851); also of Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders (London, 1854); and of Maori Religion and Mythology (London, 1882).

Skinner, W. H.—Author of The Ancient Fortified Pa, published in Vol. XX. of The Journal of the Polynesian Society.

Smith, S. P.—Author of The Peopling of the North (Wellington, 1910); Hawaiki (2nd. ed. 1904, 4th. ed. 1921); Maori Wars (1910); History and Traditions of the Maoris of the West Coast (New Plymouth, 1910).

Stack, Rev. J.—Author of South Island Maoris (Christchurch, 1898), and of several papers on Maori subjects published in Vols. IV., VII., VIII., X., XII. of Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Stowell, H. M.(HARE HONGI)—Author of the Maori-English Tutor and Vade Mecum (1911).

Taylor, Rev. R.—Author of A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand (Auckland, 1848); The Past and Present of New Zealand (London, 1868); Te Ika a Maui, 2nd. ed. (London, 1870).

Thomson, B. C.—Author of Savage Island (London, 1902).

Thomson, Dr. A. S.—Author of The Story of New Zealand (London, 1859).

Tregear, E.—Author of The Maori Polynesian Comparative Dictionary (Wellington), etc.; also of a paper, The Polynesian Bow, published in Vol. I. of the Journal of the Polynesian Society.

Tutaka.—A native contributor of much valuable data.

TYLOR, Prof. E. B.—Author of Primitive Culture (London, 1871); Anthropology (London, 1881), etc.

Wade, Rev. W. R.—Author of A Journey in the Northern Island of New Zealand (Hobart Town, 1842).

Wakefield, E. J.—Author Adventure in New Zealand (London, 1845).

Walsh, Ven. P.—Author of The Cultivation and Treatment of the Kumara, published in Vol. XXXV. of Transactions of the New Zealand Institute (Wellington, 1903).

W.B.—Author of Where the White Man Treads (Auckland, 1905), and of many articles on Maori and Moriori.

White, J.—Author of The Ancient History of the Maori, 6 vols. (Wellington, 1887-1890).

Wilkes, Commodore—Author of Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition (Philadelphia, 1845).

Williams, Rev. H.—Author of A Dictionary of the Maori Language, 5th. ed. (Wellington, 1917).

Williams, T.—Author of Fiji and the Fijians (London, 1858).

Wohlers, Rev. J. F. H.—Author of Maori Mythology and Traditions, published in Vols. VII. and VIII., Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

Yate, Rev. W.—Author of An Account of New Zealand (London, 1835).