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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy


page xi


New Zealand and Indian casualties from El Mreir at 4 Field Ambulance. N. M. Gleeson Frontispiece
Facing page
4 Field Ambulance training at Burnham, 1939. Green and Hahn 48
The Dunera leaving Wellington, January 1940, en route to Lyttelton to embark First Echelon troops, including 4 Field Ambulance. C. P. S. Boyer 48
1 NZ General Hospital entrance, Pinewood, England. N. M. Gleeson 49
His Majesty the King inspects Sisters from 1 NZ General Hospital at Mytchett. With him is Matron Miss E. C. Mackay. London News Agency 49
1 NZ General Hospital, Helmieh. New Zealand Army Official 64
NZ General Hospital at Helwan. New Zealand Army Official 64
1 NZ General Hospital at Pharsala, Greece. G. R. Kirk 65
Scene near hospital area, Pharsala. N. M. Gleeson 65
4 Field Ambulance MDS camouflaged and dug in near Katerine. P. V. Graves 96
6 Field Ambulance withdrawing through Larissa. A. H. Thomas 96
1 NZ General Hospital ready to embark from Piræus for Egypt. N. M. Gleeson 97
On the Thurland Castle returning from Greece. P. V. Graves 97
New Zealand Sisters at Suda Bay, Crete. R. D. King 112
7 British General Hospital near Canea. 112
Wounded German paratroops treated at 5 Field Ambulance, Modhion, Crete. 113 page xii
Wounded sheltering in a ditch at 6 Field Ambulance, near Canea. A. J. Spence 113
Hospital Ship Maunganui. New Zealand Army Official 178
Hospital Ship Oranje. 178
Wounded from Greece and Crete at mess in a ward of 2 NZ General Hospital, Helwan. New Zealand Army Official 179
1 NZ General Hospital parades before Brigadier K. MacCormick at Maadi. New Zealand Army Official 179
The hospital wadi near Sidi Rezegh after its capture by the Germans. 194
The move to Syria. 4 Field Ambulance convoy in the Bekaa Valley. N. M. Gleeson 195
Zahle in the early spring—from the site of 1 NZ CCS N. M. Gleeson 195
A civilian hospital in Aleppo occupied successively by 6 and 5 Field Ambulances. K. G. Killoh 210
3 NZ General Hospital at Beirut. New Zealand Army Official (M. D. Elias) 210
First nursing aids, NZ WAAC, arrive in Egypt on HS Maunganui. New Zealand Army Official 211
An American Field Service ambulance car and driver (on right) after Minqar Qaim. New Zealand Army Official 211
A blood transfusion in the desert, after Ruweisat. K. G. Killoh 226
4 Field Ambulance desert operating theatre for El Mreir casualties. N. M. Gleeson 226
5 Field Ambulance MDS receives Alamein wounded. K. G. Killoh 227
An operation by 1 CCS surgical team in the same MDS. K. G. Killoh 227 page xiii
Christmas Dinner, 1942, for 5 Field Ambulance, Nofilia. K. G. Killoh 258
New Zealand Sisters at 1 CCS, Cyrenaica. British Official 258
1 CCS in wild flowers at Sirte. D. T. Stewart 259
Patients and staff gather for open-air concert at 3 NZ General Hospital, Suani Ben Adem, Tripoli. New Zealand Army Official 259
Wounded from Tebaga Gap being loaded into an air ambulance. New Zealand Army Official (H. Paton) and K. G. Killoh 274
5 Field Ambulance ADS, Takrouna. K. G. Killoh 275
4 Field Ambulance convoy returns to Egypt. N. M. Gleeson 275
5 Field Ambulance trucks moving up to the Sangro, November 1943. K. G. Killoh 324
4 Field Ambulance ADS at Casalanguida, near the Sangro New Zealand Army Official (G. Kaye) 324
4 Field Ambulance MDS at Atessa for the Sangro attack. J. K. Elliott collection 325
5 Field Ambulance ADS at the Sangro. K. G. Killoh 325
Medical staff at Atessa before the Sangro attack. A. W. Douglas 340
Patients being carried back by RAP jeep, Orsogna. R. D. King 340
1 Mobile CCS, Presenzano, Cassino. A. W. Douglas 341
4 Field Hygiene Section's shower unit near Cassino. New Zealand Army Official (G. Kaye) 341
5 Field Ambulance ADS near Mount Porchia, Cassino. G. H. Levien 356
Entrance to Maori Battalion RAP in crypt at Cassino. C. N. D'Arcy 356
5 Field Ambulance ADS at Sant' Elia, with ambulance cars parked in the shelter of buildings. K. G. Killoh 357 page xiv
6 Field Ambulance MDS at Pozzilli, near Cassino. S. de Bonnaire collection 357
A class at 4 Field Hygiene Section's Malarial School, Volturno Valley. New Zealand Army Official (M. D. Elias) 372
Major H. T. Knights examines Italian children for malaria. New Zealand Army Official (M. D. Elias) 372
2 NZ General Hospital, Caserta. New Zealand Army Official (G. R. Bull) 373
1 NZ General Hospital, Molfetta. New Zealand Army Official (G. R. Bull) 373
Convalescent Depot patients on the breakwater, San Spirito. New Zealand Army Official (G. R. Bull) 388
A wounded Indian soldier being treated at 5 Field Ambulance MDS, south of Florence. K. G. Killoh 388
Colonel G. W. Gower (CO) and Matron Miss M. E. Jackson welcome the 40,000th patient to 3 NZ General Hospital, Bari. Unit photograph 389
1 NZ General Hospital, Senigallia. A. W. Douglas 389
4 Field Ambulance trucks cross the Po. A. W. Owen-Johnston collection 404
Picnic for 3 NZ General Hospital staff and patients at Polignano (on Adriatic coast) as part of the VE Day celebrations. E. B. Gilberd collection 404
A wedding at 3 NZ General Hospital, Bari. New Zealand Army Official (M. D. Elias) 405
Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg (with Matron Miss I. MacKinnon) shaking hands with members of the nursing staff at 6 NZ General Hospital, Florence, during his farewell visit. New Zealand Army Official 405