Title: Sport 7

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, July 1991, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 7: Winter 1991

♣ Contributors

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♣ Contributors

Murray Bail lives in Melbourne. His most recent books are Holden's Performance, a novel, and Longhand. A Writer's Notebook (Penguin).

Paola Bilbrough was born on Waiheke Island in 1971. She lives in Wellington.

Peter Bland divides his time between England and New Zealand. A new collection of poems, Paper Boats, is published this month by John McIndoe Ltd.

Jane Cherry has recently returned to Wellington from Melbourne.

Geoff Cochrane's most recent book of verse is Kandinsky's Mirror (Rat Island Press, 1989). His fortieth birthday passed recently in Wellington without incident. He continues to work on poems and stories.

Allen Curnow's Selected Poems-1940-1989 was published in 1990 by Viking. 'A Busy Port' is also published in Verse (St Andrew's, Scotland).

Murray Edmond: Teaching drama at Auckland University. New book of poems, From The Word Go, to be published by Auckland University Press in the future.

Chris Else is a writer and director of Total Fiction Services. He lives in Wellington.

Dinah Hawken's first collection of poems is It has no sound and is blue (1987). A second, Small Stories of Devotion, will be published by Victoria University Press in November.

Andrew Johnston was born in Upper Hutt in 1963. He edits the books page in the Evening Post, Wellington.

Harry Kenidjack. Born Auckland, 1955. At present living and working in Tauranga.

Sara L. Knox is doing American Studies in the VUW History Department, and writes when she is able.

Margaret Mahy has written many books for children and young adults; her most recent is Dangerous Spaces. Earlier versions of 'A Dissolving Ghost' have been given as talks.

Gregory O'Brien's recent books of poems are Man With a Child's Violin (Caxton, 1990) and Great Lake (Local Consumption, 1991).

Eric Pankey directs The Writing Programme at Washington University, St Louis, and is the author of three books: For the New Year (Atheneum, 1984), Heartwood(Atheneum, 1988) and Apocrypha(Knopf, 1991).

John Robinson is an artist who lives in Dunedin.

Olwyn Stewart was born in 1946. She lives in Auckland.

Elizabeth Smither's most recent books are A Pattern of Marching(poems, AUP,1989) and Nights at the Embassy (short stories, AUP, 1990).

Peter Wells is an Auckland filmmaker. 'One of THEM!'is from his debut collection of short stories, Dangerous Desires, which won the 1991 Reed Fiction Award and will be published in October.

Damien Wilkins is studying writing at Washington University, St Louis. His debut collection of short stories, The Veteran Perils, won the 1989 Reed Fiction Award and was published in 1990.

Fay Zwicky lives in Western Australia. Her books include The Lyre in the Pawnshop: Essays on Literature and Survival, 1974-1984 (University of Western Australia, 1986) and Always (poems, UQP, 1990).

Sport 8, October 1991, will have the theme 'food'; submissions are welcome, and can be considered up until late August.