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The Home Front Volume II



Official unpublished sources:

Much relevant material from government files and also some from overseas is quoted in the War History Narratives and files of documents prepared by the War History Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs, primarily for use in writing the official histories of the Second World War. This material is now lodged in the War History Records (WAII, series 10) at the National Archives, Wellington. Those narratives and files used were:

Number Title Author
114 Aliens Administration, 1939–45
113 The Americans in NZ Lissington, P., and B. Angus
5 Censorship of the Press Witheford, H.
9 Defaulters and Conscientious Objectors (File) Blaikie. C.H.
1 Department of Agriculture. Councils of Primary Production Ross, A. A.
14 Education Department Rigg, E. M.
15 Emergency Precautions Scheme Rigg, E. M.
125 Home Guard (answer to questionnaire about HG commanders)
51 Manpower for Industry 1939–43 McGlynn, M. B.
49 Military Manpower 1939–43 McGlynn, M. B.
64 Mines Department Blaikie, C. H.
31 NZ and the War in Europe and War Aims O'Shea. J. D.
52 Notes on Industrial Manpower McGlynn, M. B.
68 Petrol Rationing in NZ, 1939–45 Blaikie, C. H.
69 Police Dept
73 Political Parties and the War (2 vols)
4 Postal and Telegraphic Censorship Lochore, R. A.
28 Pre-war Foreign Policy O'Shea, J. D.page 1298
Number Title Author
71 Pre-War Labour Attitude to War Witheford, H.
53 Some Aspects of Labour Control in War Blaikie, C. H.
106 The Men who Would Not Serve: Defaulters and Detention, 1941–6 Greenberg, L. J.
105 Universities and the War (File)
97 Waterfront Control Commission Pettit, P. M.
98 Women in Industry Angus, B.
99 Women's Land Services Angus, B.
100 Women's War Service, Auxiliary Angus, B.
101 Women War Workers' Hostels Angus, B.

Other files consulted (all in National Archives) were:

on British children IA 146/1, IA 173/1, IA 178/247

on emergency precautions IA 158/238/12, IA 178/—

on censorship of United Kingdom and United States material PM 25/2/1–3

on censorship of books PM 25/2/4–5

on military defaulters PM 83/10/1

Assorted unpublished sources:

Attwood, B. N., ‘Apostles of Peace: the New Zealand League of Nations Union’, research essay, University of Auckland, 1979

Barrington, A. C., MS Papers 439, Alexander Turnbull Library

———, ‘Trials of a Pacifist', script of two radio talks in October 1969, later published as a pamphlet

Burton, Ormond, ‘A Rich Old Man’, typescript autobiography, in MS Papers 438, Alexander Turnbull Library

J. T. Paul Papers, Hocken Library, University of Otago

MS Register of Strikes 1942–4, Head Office, Department of Labour, Wellington

Murphy, W. E., ‘Blamey's and Freyberg's “Charters”; a study in civil-military and Commonwealth relations’, cyclostyled paper Political Science Department, Victoria University of Wellington

Oestreicher, P., ‘They would not Fight; being a Survey of the Position of Conscientious Objectors and Military Defaulters in New Zealand during World War II’, MA thesis, Victoria University College, 1955

Orange, C., ‘A Kind of Equality: Labour and the Maori People 1935–1949’, MA thesis, University of Auckland, 1977

Roberts Papers, Victoria University of Wellington

Scholefield, G. H., ‘Private Diary kept during the war years 5.12.41 to 24.12.42’, Scholefield Collection, MS Papers 212, folder 68 Alexander Turnbull Library

page 1299

United Mine Workers of New Zealand, Minutes of National Council 1939–45, MS, Alexander Turnbull Library

University of New Zealand, Minutes of the Senate 1940–7, Wellington

Walsh, D. B., ‘A Survey of Orchestral Activity in New Zealand’, MA thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 1967

Waterfront Control Commission, ‘Activities of Waterfront Control Commission for year ended 31st March 1943’, cyclostyled [copy in Hare Papers, Victoria University of Wellington]

———‘Report on Organisation and Activities as at 31 March 1944’, cyclostyled [copy in Roberts Papers, Victoria University of Wellington]

Wellington Nursery Play Centre, Records 1941–45, National Archives, Wellington

Young Maori Conference, Auckland 1939, ‘Report of Young Maori Conference held at Auckland University College, May 22nd–May 26th, 1939’, cyclostyled, Victoria University of Wellington