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Episodes & Studies Volume 2


page 32


1Squadron Leader L. S. Lamb; clerk; born Wellington, 5 Aug 1910; killed in aircraft accident, 30 Oct 1939.

2Squadron Leader M. H. S. Innes-Jones; RNZAF; Air Department, Wellington; born Wellington, 5 May 1917; Director of Manning, Air Department, 1948-49; wounded May 1940.

3Flight Lieutenant E. J. Hetherington; RAF; born Timaru, 16 Oct 1914; killed on air operations, 14 Dec 1939.

4Air Commodore A. McKee, CBE, DSO, DFC, AFC, m.i.d.; RAF; England; farmer; born Oxford, Canterbury, 10 Jan 1902; commanded 9 Sqn, 1940; RAF Station, Marham, 1941-43; Base Commander, Mildenhall, 1943-45; AOC No. 205 Group, Italy, 1945.

5Flight Lieutenant C. B. G. Knight, DFM; RNZAF; RNZAF Station, Lauthala Bay, Fiji; born Tolaga Bay, 7 Jun 1912. Flight Lieutenant (then Corporal) Knight was the first member of the RNZAF to be decorated in the Second World War.

6Squadron Leader W. M. Nixon, DFC; RAF; born Auckland, 6 May 1913; p.w. 17 Aug 1940.

7Squadron Leader P. W. West, DFC; clerk; born Palmerston North, 15 Apr 1917; killed on air operations, 4 Jul 1942.

8Flying Officer K. N. Gray, DFC, Czechoslovakian War Cross; schoolteacher; born Christchurch, 9 Nov 1914; killed in aircraft accident, 1 May 1940.

9Flight Lieutenant F. H. Long, DFC; woolbuyer; born Masterton, 16 Jul 1916; killed on air operations, 13 Mar 1941.

10Air Commodore M. W. Buckley, CBE, US Legion of Merit, m.i.d.; RNZAF; born Seacliff, 3 Aug 1895; commanded NZ Flight 1939-40; 75 (NZ) Sqn, 1940-41; RAF Station, Feltwell, 1941; AOC Northern Group, Auckland, 1942-43; AOC No. 1 (Islands) Group, Guadalcanal, 1943-44; Deputy Chief of Air Staff, RNZAF, 1944-45; AOC RNZAF Headquarters, London, 1946-50.

11Air Commodore C. E. Kay, CBE, DFC; RNZAF; Air Department, Wellington; born Auckland, 25 Jun 1902; commanded 75 (NZ) Sqn, 1940-41; Air 1, No. 8 (Bomber) Group Headquarters, 1942; commanded RNZAF Station, Ohakea, 1944; Wigram, 1945; Air Member for Supply, Air Department.

12Flight Lieutenant J. N. Collins; clerk; born Wellington, 31 Mar 1917; killed on air operations, 21 May 1940.

13Wing Commander J. Adams, DFC, AFC; London; auctioneer; born Christchurch, 31 Aug 1911.

14Wing Commander T. O. Freeman, DSO, DFC and bar; RAF; born Lawrence, 1916; killed on air operations, 17 Dec 1943.

15Squadron Leader D. J. Harkness, DFC; clerk; born Midhurst, Taranaki, 16 Sep 1916; killed on air operations, 31 May 1942.

16Flight Lieutenant E. P. Williams, DFM; RNZAF; Air Department, Wellington; born Rotorua, 22 Sep 1916.

17Wing Commander A. A. N. Breckon, DFC; RNZAF; RNZAF Station, Ohakea; born Auckland, 28 Nov 1913; commanded Navigation Training Squadron, Bassingbourn, 1940-41; held various commands and staff appointments in New Zealand and the Pacific, 1941-47; Senior Air Staff Officer, RNZAF Headquarters, London, 1947-49; commanded Flying Wing, Ohakea, Mar 1950—.

18Flying Officer O. H. Keedwell; stock agent; born Levin, 10 jun 1913; killed on air operations, 12 May 1940.

19Pilot Officer J. D. Murphy; farmer; born Hawera, 2 Apr 1919; killed on air operations, 24 Apr 1940.

20Pilot Officer D. A. Rankin; clerk; born Wellington, 23 Nov 1914; killed on air operations, 11 Apr 1940.

21Flying Officer T. G. Bassett; bank clerk; born Te Kopuru, 12 Oct 1917; killed on air operations, 12 May 1940.

22Pilot Officer C. R. Frankish; farmer; born Wanganui, 17 Dec 1914; killed on air operations, 12 May 1940.

23Pilot Officer V. A. Cunningham; shipping clerk; born Wellington, 24 Apr 1916; killed on air operations, 14 May 1940.

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24Wing Commander T. B. Fitzgerald, DFC; farmer; born Timaru, 11 Jul 1919; wounded 14 May 1940.

25Flight Lieutenant H. L. Oakley; Birmingham, England; farmer; born Ashburton, 6 May 1917.

26Pilot Officer P. G. Brodie; RAF; clerk; born Wanganui, 28 Dec 1916; p.w. 20 Aug 1940.

27Flying Officer J. F. Swift, DFC; motor mechanic; born Invercargill, 19 Jun 1917; killed on air operations, 30 Sep 1941.

28Pilot Officer A. H. Gould, DFC; New South Wales, Australia; clerk; born Wanganui, 26 Sep 1918; p.w. 20 Jul 1940.

29Flight Lieutenant N. Williams, DFC; RAF; born Frankton Junction, 4 Oct 1915; killed on air operations, 11 May 1941.

30Flight Sergeant R. A. J. Anderson; gardener; born United Kingdom, 13 Dec 1913; killed on air operations, 21 Jul 1940.

31Sergeant J. L. Owen; clerk; born Wanganui, 14 Dec 1915; killed on air operations, 21 Jul 1940.

32Wing Commander F. H. Denton, DFC and bar; London; surveyor; born Greymouth, 23 Apr 1917.

The occupations given in each case are those on enlistment.