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Alam Halfa and Alamein


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This volume and the preceding volume, Battle for Egypt by J. L. Scoullar, have been based mainly on the information contained in the official campaign narratives of the 2nd New Zealand Division, Middle East Force, prepared by the War History Branch (now the Historical Publications Branch) of the Department of Internal Affairs.

These narratives, covering the period January to November 1942, fill twenty volumes, eleven of which were written by R. Walker, seven by R. L. Kay, and two by W. D. Dawson. They are based on some 1083 war diaries kept by New Zealand units in the Middle East, together with such records as casualty lists, intelligence logs, censorship reports, strength statements, official cables and correspondence, and General Freyberg's diaries and papers. Also used were a large number of private diaries and accounts written by eyewitnesses, as well as material collected by units for their own unit histories.

Of particular value for information outside the sphere of the New Zealand Division have been the narratives prepared by Brigadier C. J. C. Molony and Lieutenant-Colonel M. E. S. Laws for the Historical Section of the United Kingdom Cabinet Office.


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    page 484
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    page 485
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    page 486
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