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Episodes & Studies Volume 2



1Flight Lieutenant H. A. Poole, DFC; Invercargill; born Invercargill, 6 Mar 1920; clerk; joined RNZAFFeb 1940.

2Squadron Leader H. G. Holmes, DFC and bar; England; born Rangiora, 31 Aug 1916; storekeeper; joined RAFJun 1939.

3Squadron Leader I. C. Patterson, DSO, m.i.d.; Auckland; born Auckland, 19 Aug 1917; electrical engineer; joined RAFMar 1939; Tasman Empire Airways 1944-.

4Flight Lieutenant I. R. Mitchell, DFC; RNZAF Station, Wigram; born Napier, 24 Jun 1916; sheep farmer; joined RNZAFDec 1940.

5Wing Commander M. A. Ensor, DSO and bar, DFC and bar; Manuka Bay, Cheviot; born Rangiora, 5 Jan 1922; shepherd; joined RNZAFJul 1940.

6Flying Officer H. J. Bennett; born Tuatapere, Southland, 11 Oct 1915; farmer; joined RNZAFAug 1941; killed on air operations, 3 Feb 1945.

7Warrant Officer V. B. Mc Keague; Christchurch; born Timaru, 27 Jan 1910; clerk; joined RNZAF Dec 1940.

8Warrant Officer W. M. Eatson; Levin; born Wellington, 27 Dec 1918; factory hand; joined RNZAFJul 1940.

9Flying Officer B. W. Turnbull, DFC; Hedgehope, Southland; born Wellington, 11 Jul 1915; company secretary; joined RNZAFJan 1940.

10Squadron Leader J. D. Ackerman, MBE, m.i.d.; RAF; born Masterton, 6 Jul 1921; civil servant; joined RNZAFOct 1940.

11Squadron Leader R. G. Hartshorn, m.i.d.; Auckland; born Hastings, 13 Dec 1919; bank clerk; joined RNZAFNov 1940.

12Flight Lieutenant W. Lewis, DFC; Wellington; born Wellington, 25 Feb 1922; salesman; joined RNZAFMay 1941.

13Flight Sergeant R. C. Armstrong; born Te Kuiti, 19 Oct 1911; labourer; joined RNZAFDec 1940; killed on air operations, 12 Jul 1943.

14Flying Officer J. Whyte; born Scotland, 6 Sep 1917; clerk; joined RNZAFJul 1941; killed on air operations, 15 Aug 1943.

15Flying Officer W. Anderson, DFC; Wellington; born Aberdeen, 1 Mar 1920; clerk; joined RNZAFMar 1941.

16Flying Officer F. E. Bailey, DFC; Blenheim; born Blenheim, 13 Feb 1910; carpenter; joined RNZAFNov 1941.

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17Flight Sergeant I. R. Heays; born Napier, 7 Jul 1920; shepherd; joined RNZAFOct 1941; died of wounds, 21 Sep 1943.

18Flying Officer H. J. Mills, DFM; Gisborne; born Gisborne, 26 Dec 1921; railway porter; joined RNZAFJan 1942.

19Warrant Officer I. R. Thompson, DFC; Christchurch; born Christchurch, 31 May 1921; miner; joined RNZAFJun 1941; wounded 22 Sep 1943.

20Warrant Officer D. E. Mc Kenzie, m.i.d.; Canada; born Kopuaranga, Masterton, 21 Apr 1922; farm hand; joined RNZAFJun 1941.

21Group Captain A. E. Clouston, DSO, DFC, AFC and bar, m.i.d.; RAF; England; born Motueka, 7 Apr 1908; sailor; joined RAFOct 1930; commanded Coastal Command Squadron, 1942-44, and Coastal Command Station, 1944-45; OC Headquarters Flying Wing, Germany, 1945-47; RNZAF Station, Ohakea, 1947-49; 1 RAF Station, Leeming, 1950.

22Wing Commander C. E. W. Evison, m.i.d.; Fiji; born Invercargill, 27 Mar 1916; draughting cadet; joined RAFJan 1939.

23Wing Commander S. G. Baggott, DFC, m.i.d.; RAF; born London, 25 Nov 1916; civil servant; joined RAFJun 1938; commanded 95 GR (Flying Boat) Sqn, West Africa, 1945.

24Wing Commander T. P. Gibson, DFC; RAF; born Christchurch, 25 Oct 1913; survey cadet; joined RAFMay 1938; CO New Camp, Gibraltar, 1945; Headquarters Coastal Command, 1949-.

25Wing Commander H. J. L. Hawkins; RAF; born New Plymouth, 8 Dec 1905; clerk; joined RAFJul 1930; commanded 204 (Flying Boat) Sqn, 1943-44; OC Headquarters unit, British Air Forces of Occupation, Germany, 1948-50.

26Wing Commander A. Frame, DFC; London; born Oamaru, 6 Sep 1916; clerk; joined RAFMar 1938.

27Wing Commander D. W. Baird, AFC; RNZAF; London; born Bangor, Northern Ireland, 23 Dec 1910; farmer; joined RAFOct 1931; commanded RNZAF Fiji, 1940-41; 490 (NZ) Sqn, West Africa, 1943; RNZAF Station, Ardmore, 1945, and Ohakea, 1947.

28Wing Commander P. R. Godby, m.i.d.; RAF; born Christchurch, 27 Aug 1914; journalist; joined RAFMar 1939; Group Navigation Officer, British Air Forces of Occupation, Germany, 1949-.

29Squadron Leader A. M. Foster; Boac, England; born Blenheim, 22 Jun 1917; clerk; joined RAF Aug 1938.

30Flight Lieutenant H. K. Patience, AFC; Auckland; born Wellington, 6 Oct 1913; school teacher; joined RNZAFApr 1941.

31Wing Commander B. S. Nicholl; RNZAF; Air Department, Wellington; born Christchurch, 5 Dec 1906; journalist; joined RAFJun 1931; commanded RNZAF, Fiji, Jan-Apr 1943; 490 (NZ) Sqn, West Africa, 1943-44; Director of Flying Training, Air Headquarters, Wellington, 1947-48; Deputy Director of Reserves, Air Department.

32Flying Officer R. M. Grant, m.i.d.; born Wellington, 27 Jun 1920; bank clerk; joined RNZAFJul 1941; killed on active service, 18 Nov 1943.

33Flight Lieutenant N. A. Ward, DFC; New Plymouth; born New Plymouth, 16 May 1913; draper; joined RNZAFApr 1940.

34Flying Officer L. A. Trigg, VC, DFC; born Houhora, Auckland, 5 May 1914; salesman; joined RNZAFJun 1941; killed on air operations, 11 Aug 1943.

35Flying Officer I. Marinovich; born Oratia, Auckland, 16 Mar 1917; orchardist; joined RNZAFMay 1941; killed on air operations, 11 Aug 1943.

36Flight Sergeant A. G. Bennett; born Melbourne, 27 Dec 1913; motor mechanic; joined RNZAFJun 1941; killed on air operations, 11 Aug 1943.

37Flight Sergeant L. J. Frost; born Auckland, 9 Jul 1921; warehouse assistant; joined RNZAFAug 1941; killed on air operations, 11 Aug 1943.

38Flight Sergeant T. J. Soper; born Richmond, Nelson, 7 Jan 1922; taxi driver; joined RNZAFMay 1941; killed on air operations, 11 Aug 1943.

The occupations given in each case are those on enlistment.