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The Home Front Volume I


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Campaign and Service Volumes
Gillespie, Oliver A. The Pacific (1952)
McClymont, W. G. To Greece (1959)
Davin, D. M. Crete (1953)
Murphy, W. E. The Relief of Tobruk (1961)
Scoullar, J. L. Battle for Egypt (1955)
Walker, Ronald Alam Halfa to Alamein (1967)
Stevens, Major-General W. G. Bardia to Enfidaville (1962)
Phillips, N. C. Italy, Volume I: The Sangro to Cassino (1957)
Kay, Robin Italy, Volume II: From Cassino to Trieste (1967)
Anson, T. V. The New Zealand Dental Services (1960)
Mason, W. Wynne Prisoners of War (1954)
Ross, Squadron-Leader J. M. S. Royal New Zealand Air Force (1955)
Stevens, Major-General W. G. Problems of 2 NZEF (1958)
Stout, T. Duncan M. War Surgery and Medicine (1954)
——— New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy (1956)
——— Medical Services in New Zealand and the Pacific (1958)
Thompson, Wing-Commander H. L. New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force, Volumes I–III (1953, 1956, 1959)
Waters, S. D. Royal New Zealand Navy (1956)
Documents Relating to New Zealand’s Participation in the Second World War, Volumes I–III (1949, 1951, 1963)
The New Zealand People at War
Wood, F. L. W. Political and External Affairs (1958)
Baker, J. V. T. War Economy (1965)
Taylor, Nancy M The Home Front, Volumes I–II (1986)
Unit Histories
Dawson, W. D. 18 Battalion and Armoured Regiment (1961)
Sinclair, D. W. 19 Battalion and Armoured Regiment (1954)
Pringle, D. J. C. and W. A. Glue 20 Battalion and Armoured Regiment (1957)
Cody, J. F. 21 Battalion (1953)
Henderson, Jim 22 Battalion (1958)
Ross, Angus 23 Battalion (1959)
Burdon, R. M. 24 Battalion (1953)
Puttick, Lieutenant-General Sir Edward 25 Battalion (1960)
Norton, Frazer D 26 Battalion (1952)
Kay, Robin 27 (Machine Gun) Battalion (1958)
Cody, J. F. 28 (Maori) Battalion (1956)
Bates, P. W. Supply Company (1955)page x
Borman, C. A. Divisional Signals (1954)
Cody, J. F. New Zealand Engineers, Middle East (1961)
Henderson, Jim RMT: Official History of the 4th and 6th Reserve Mechanical Transport Companies (1954)
Kidson, A. L. Petrol Company (1961)
Llewellyn, S. P. Journey Towards Christmas (1st Ammunition Company) (1949)
Loughnan, R. J. M. Divisional Cavalry (1963)
McKinney, J. B. Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy (1952)
Murphy, W. E. 2 New Zealand Divisional Artillery (1967)
Underhill, Rev M. L., et al. New Zealand Chaplains in the Second World War (1950)
Episodes and Studies
Volume 1: Guns Against Tanks, E. H. Smith; Women at War, D. O. W. Hall; Achilles at the River Plate, S. D. Waters; Troopships, S. P. Llewellyn; The Assault on Rabaul, J. M. S. Ross; German Raiders in the Pacific, S. D. Waters; Prisoners of Germany, D. O. W. Hall; Prisoners of Italy, D. O. W. Hall; Prisoners of Japan, D. O. W. Hall; Long Range Desert Group in Libya, R. L. Kay; Long Range Desert Group in the Mediterranean, R. L. Kay; Wounded in Battle, J. B. McKinney
Volume 2: Aircraft Against U-boat, H. L. Thompson; Early Operations with Bomber Command, B. G. Clare; New Zealanders in the Battle of Britain, N. W. Faircloth; Leander, S. D. Waters; Malta Airmen, J. A. Whelan; Takrouna, I. McL. Wards; Coast watchers, D. O. W. Hall; The RNZAF in South-East Asia, 1941–42. H. R. Dean; ‘The Other Side of the Hill’, I. McL. Wards et al.; Special Service in Greece, M. B. McGlynn; Point 175, W. E. Murphy; Escapes, D. O. W. Hall

(These 24 booklets were first issued as individual publications, 1948–1954.)

All titles were published at Wellington, those before 1966 by the War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, the remainder by the Historical Publications Branch.