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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume III

430 — Letter from Major-General Barrowclough to the Prime Minister

page 453

Letter from Major-General Barrowclough to the Prime Minister

23 August 1944



I have the honour to report that I have now returned to New Zealand, and that I have opened my Headquarters in the Auckland District.

By far the greater proportion of the personnel of my Force has now reached this country, and I have left Brigadier Dove, my Base Commandant, to supervise the shipment of such equipment as is still in New Caledonia. All arrangements in regard to this are working smoothly.

I shall be glad to receive further instructions regarding the future of my Force as soon as you are in a position to give them. I have written to General Puttick suggesting that it might be advisable for me to come to Wellington at an early date.1 Even though it will be impracticable to make final policy decisions, I think it is imperative that some interim policy should be laid down at the earliest possible opportunity so that I shall know upon what lines you wish me to carry on in the meantime.

(Sgd) H. E. Barrowclough


goc, nzef ip

1 This letter is not published.