Title: Sport 4

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 4: Autumn 1990


page 160


Murray Bail lives in Melbourne. His most recent books are Holden's Performance, a novel, and Longhand: A Writer's Notebook. 'Killing an Elephant' appeared previously in Soho Square.

Miro Bilbrough was born in 1963. She lives in Wellington.

Jenny Bornholdt's two books of poems are This Big Face (1988) and Moving House (1989).

Alan Brunton is at present operating a machine in Island Bay.

Charles Causley's most recent collections are A Field of Vision(London: Macmillan, 1988) and Secret Destinations: Selected Poems 1977-88 (Boston: Godine, 1990).

Allen Curnow was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1989. 'An Evening Light' was first published in the London Review of Books and will be included in his Selected Poems 1940-1989, to be published later this year by Viking.

Julian Dashper is an artist exhibiting regularly throughout New Zealand. He was asked to do the cover for Sport 4.

Lynn Davidson's poems have appeared in Sport, the Listener and other periodicals.

Simon During teaches at the University of Melbourne. An expatriate New Zealander, his essays have appeared in several countries. A book on Foucault and literature has been completed for Routledge, and another, on literature and modernity, is underway for the University of California Press.

Helen Garner lives in Sydney. She has published four books of fiction, the most recent of which is Postcards from Surfers. 'The Psychological Effect of Wearing Stripes' appeared first in Scripsi.

Bernadette Hall's first book of poems is Heartwood (Caxton). A second, Of Elephants etc, will be published by Untold.

Dinah Hawken's collection It Has No Sound and is Blue won the Best First Book Award in the 1987 Commonwealth Poetry Prize.

Jack Hodgins is Canadian; his novels include The Barclay Family Theatre (Macmillan). 'Earthquake' appeared previously in Kunapipi.

Phyllis Janowitz is Director of the Creative Writing Programme at Cornell University; her latest book of poems is Temporary Dwellings (Pittsburgh University Press, 1988).

Andrew Johnston: born in 1963; works as a subeditor at the Dominion.

Philip Kelly. Born in Masterton in 1963 and left 18 years later to study graphic design at Wgtn Polytech. Has worked for Downstage Theatre, Wgtn City Art Gallery and Main Artery of London. Member of Wgtn Media Collective since 1987. Current Chairman/ Director of mass media empire ARTVERT(r).

Elizabeth Knox is the author of a novel, After Z-Hour, and a novella, Paremata, and has recently started writing short stories.

Robert Leonard is Curator of Contemporary New Zealand Art at the National Art Gallery, Wellington.

Stuart McKenzie is a student of martyrdom in the early church, currently researching the workings of pain in Christian thought. Robert and Stuart write art criticism together; their essay 'The Invention of Pornography' will appear in a forthcoming issue of Tension.

Bill Manhire's first book of short stories is The New Land: A Picture Book, published by Heinemann Reed; he has also published several collections of poetry and The Brain of Katherine Mansfield.

John Newton's Tales from the Angler's Eldorado (Untold, 1985) is still available. Poems from that collection appear in The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Poetry, and more recent work in Landfall 169 and untold 9/10. He is currently writing a PhD at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Sally Rodwell's new solo art performance will premiere this coming winter season.

Janette Sinclair lives in Wellington. 'Outlines of Gondwanaland' was joint winner of the John Cowie Reid Award for 1988.

Saut Situmorang: born in Indonesia and now visiting New Zealand as a tourist for one year; has published one book of poems, 4 Kumpulan Sajak (4 Collections of Poems) together with three other Indonesian poets, and some short stories in Indonesian newspapers.

Elizabeth Smither's latest collection of poems is A Pattern of Marching (AUP). She has recently been writing stories; one is forthcoming in London Magazine.

Stephen Stratford is Deputy Editor of Metro.

Ruth Watson was born in 1962. She is an artist who lives and works in Wellington.

Forbes Williams lives and works in Dunedin; his fiction has appeared in Sport 1 & 3, the Listener and elsewhere.