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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Liaison Officer HS Oranje

Liaison Officer HS Oranje

The Oranje continued to carry a staff comprised partly of New Zealanders, with a New Zealand army liaison officer in control of them. Lieutenant-Colonel Davidson3 was appointed from 2 NZEF in June, and on 15 September Lieutenant-Colonel Anson4 succeeded page 490 to this office, after previously serving in the joint capacity of SMO Maadi Camp and OC 23 Field Ambulance. The last two appointments were assumed by Lieutenant-Colonel Kronfeld,1 who in 1944 became senior medical administrative officer in Egypt after Headquarters 2 NZEF, including DMS's office, moved to Italy.

3 Lt-Col J. K. Davidson; Christchurch; born Kaikoura, 20 Jul 1899; medical practitioner; surgical specialist 3 Gen Hosp, Oct 1940; liaison officer, NMHS Oranje Jun–Sep 1943.

4 Lt-Col G. F. V. Anson, OBE; Auckland; born Wellington, 22 Nov 1892; anaesthetist; Royal Navy, 1914–19 (Lt, RNVR, and Surgeon Lt, RN); wounded May 1917; medical officer 2 Gen Hosp Aug 1940–Feb 1942; SMO Maadi Camp Feb 1942–Sep 1943; OC British Troops NMHS Oranje Sep 1943–Aug 1945.

1 Lt-Col M. Kronfeld; Wellington; born Auckland, 25 Jan 1899; medical practitioner; MO Special Force, Fanning Island, Feb–Oct 1940; MO 3 Gen Hosp Apr 1941; RMO 28 (Maori) Bn Jun 1941–Jan 1942; MO NMHS Oranje Feb–Jul 1942; SMO Maadi Camp and CO 23 Fd Amb Sep 1943–Jul 1944; Senior Medical Administrative Officer, 2 NZEF, Middle East, Oct 1943–Aug 1944; Port Health Officer, Wellington.