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New Zealand's Burning — The Settlers' World in the Mid 1880s

Maps and Diagrams

page 8

Maps and Diagrams

3.1Southern Hawke's Bay, summer 1885–8639
4.1Stratford rural settlers in the fire of 6 January 188649
8.1Canterbury, grass and bush fires, summer 1885–8691
9.1Lambton Quay, Wellington, fire of 29 December 1885100
11.1The water-based timber industry, c. 1870130
11.2Timber output for the colonial market, 1885131
11.3Interprovincial timber trade, 1885133
11.4‘Town, Country, Bush’—and Railway, 1885141
11.5Sample Extracts, George Marchant's report144
11.6Brett's No I Cottage for Settlers149
12.1Grain production per acre, Waimea County, 1878–89164
12.2New Zealand, Waimea County and Hutt County, production of various commodities per 100 population, 1885172
12.3Net flow of mortgage finance, Nelson and Taranaki Provinces, year ending 31 March 1886173
13.1Southern North Island: rivals for the hinterland in the 1880s185
13.2Wellington, mid 1880s: Neighbourhoods adjoining Lambton Quay191
14.1‘Cook Strait Lake’: 40 day sample of sailings, 1885202
14.2Main patterns of coastal shipping, 1885212
14.3Taranaki road traffic, 1885216
15.1‘Our Own Correspondent’ letters published in Otago Witness, February 1886221
15.2Taranaki ‘Our Own Correspondent’ letters published February 1886222
All maps and diagrams prepared by the New Zealand Historical Atlas Cartographic Team: Barry Bradley, Philip Carthew. Tony Fraser and John Williams