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Episodes & Studies Volume 1


page 33


THE SOURCES consulted in the preparation of this account include the first two volumes of the official 2nd NZEF Narrative, two accounts by D. O. W. Hall, a number of private diaries, and troopship newspapers and magazines.

The sketches are by J. Figgins (page 11), Nevile Lodge (page 15), Frank Haggett (page 17), Robert Brett (page 22) and K. Niven (page 24).

The photographs come from many collections, which are stated where they are known:

Cover George Weigel

Inside Cover, page 14 (top centre), and page 24 (top) New Zealand Army Official, S. J. Weymss

page 9 (top) and page 12 (top) Green and Hahn, Christchurch

page 9 (bottom) C. P. S. Boyer, Wellington

page 10 (top) and page 11 (top) The Weekly News, Auckland

page 12(bottom) Star-Sun, Christchurch

page 13 (top) C. W. Hawkins

page 14 (top left), page 15 (top right and bottom), page 16 (top and bottom left) and page 19 (top) G. R. Bull

page 13 (bottom), page 14 (bottom), page 16 (top and bottom centre), page 17 (top) and page 22 (bottom) New Zealand Army official

page 18 D. M. Burns

page 19 (bottom) G. McIntosh

page 19 (centre) Australian National Travel Association

page 20 (top) Dr. P. V. Graves

(bottom) E. K. S. Rowe

page 21 (top) New Zealand Army official, M. D. Elias

(bottom) New Zealand Army official, G. F. Kaye

page 23 (top and centre) J. G. Penman

(bottom) R. H. Blanchard