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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II

41 — General Freyberg to Army Headquarters (Wellington)

General Freyberg to Army Headquarters (Wellington)

29 November 1940

Your telegram of 27 November has been received with consternation. It is earnestly requested that every endeavour be made to send the full number. I would point out that the original reinforcements to accompany the Third Echelon were drastically reduced and that undue numbers have been allotted to units outside the Division. I am engaged in the first stages of forming new units and a regular supply of personnel is essential. If, however, the draft must be reduced, please leave behind in order of priority as not required: (a) 18th Army Troops Company, (b) Non-divisional Engineers, (c) 8th Field Company, (d) Machine gunners, (e) Divisional Engineers, and (f) infantry up to whatever number necessary. It is most important that the personnel withdrawn should follow urgently. I will telegraph shortly about the composition of the 5th Reinforcements.1

1 This telegram is not published.