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Bernard Cyril Freyberg

Dentist, military leader, governor general.

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[untitled figure] [untitled figure] ASC personnel march past General Freyberg at a parade in the Volturno Valley, January 1944 black and white image of Freyberg's signature Black and white photograph army officer black and white photograph of army officers Black and white photograph of army officers black and white photograph of army officers eating black and white photograph of army officers with minister black and white photograph of chaplains and soldiers black and white photograph of men conferring Black and white photograph of military officers black and white photograph of officer inspecting nurses black and white photograph of signature of Bernard Freyberg black and white photograph of signature of Bernard Freyburg black and white photograph of soldiers conducting prayers black and white photograph of soldiers consulting plans/maps black and white photograph of soldier shaking hands with nurse black and white photograph of soldier speaking by wireless black and white signature of Bernard Freyberg black and white signature of Bernard Freyberg Brigadier C. E. Weir, Brigadier G. B. Parkinson, and General Freyberg before the Sangro battle Col J. R. Williams receives DSO from General Freyberg, March 1945 Colonel C. Shuttleworth of 24 Battalion (left), General Freyberg, and Brigadier H. E. Barrowclough Commanders' conference near Monemvasia. Standing against the car is General Freyberg. Colonel Stewart (dark glasses) sits in the centre with his back to the car and seated on the bumper is Lieutenant- Colonel Gentry Draft of message from General Freyberg to General Blamey on 23 April 1941 on withdrawal route of the New Zealand Division from Thermopylae. Copied from General Staff Branch war diary, April 1941 During the occupation of Trieste: General Freyberg, General McCreery and Brigadier Gentry at Headquarters 9 Brigade Field Marshal Messe surrenders to General Freyberg, 13 May 1943 General Auchinleck, C-in-C Middle East, and Major-General Freyberg during exercises on Suez Canal, February 1942 General Auchinleck congratulates General Freyberg after the campaign General Freyberg's caravan made by 13 Section, Workshops General Freyberg's farewell visit, Florence, 15 November 1945 General Freyberg and Brigadier Kippenberger, August 1942 General Freyberg and the Prime Minister, Mr Peter Fraser, at Headquarters 5 Infantry Brigade near Sora General Freyberg at his desk, Maadi Camp General Freyberg confers at Monfalcone with the commander of 9 Corps of the Fourth Yugoslav Army General Freyberg confers with a Royal Scots Greys officer and Brigadier Weir, his artillery commander, near Azizia General Freyberg confers with his O Group near Nofilia General Freyberg confers with senior officers before the Alamein offensive. Steve Weir centre General Freyberg directs operations from the turret of his Honey tank General Freyberg inspecting 24 Battalion at Helwan — Lt-Col Shuttleworth is on the left General Freyberg inspects 23 Battalion, July 1941. Lt-Col Leckie is on the General's left General Freyberg inspects the Regiment at Maadi, 4 March, 1942 General Freyberg joins Captain MacDuff and members of B Company in a mug of tea, 26 October 1942 General Freyberg takes the salute from 21 Battalion at Montaquila. Brigadier K. L. Stewart and Lt-Col H. M. McElroy are on the dais GENERAL FREYBERG WATCHES THE LANDING FROM HIS BATTLE HEADQUARTERS General Freyberg welcomes the First Echelon at Port Tewfik, 12 February 1940. General Wavell (carrying cane) is behind him and to his left are Mr Anthony Eden and Sir Miles Lampson General Freyberg with Mr Churchill and General Alexander shortly after the capture of Florence General Rommel seated above the Afrikakorpscongratulates General Freyberg after the campaign General Sir Alan Brooke (Chief of the Imperial General Staff), General Freyberg, and General Sir Harold Alexander, December 1943 General Sir John Dill, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, visits Maadi Camp. From left: Brigadiers R. Miles and E. Puttick, Generals Freyberg and Dill, Brigadiers J. Hargest and H. E. Barrowclough GOC's conference. From left: General Freyberg, Colonel Stewart (dark glasses), Brig R. Miles (CRA), Brig E. Puttick (Commander 4 Brigade), Lt-Col W. G. Gentry (AA & QMG), Lt-Col G. H. Clifton (CRE), Col H. S. Kenrick (ADMS), Lt-Col S. F. Allen (Divisional Signals) GOC and DMS 2 NZEF, Maadi Camp, March 1943 – Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg, Brigadier K. MacCormick and Colonel W. B. Fisher INSIDE THE CAVE Pte T. Hall, General Freyberg (centre), Capt J. A. V. Morse, RN Inspection of 2 NZ Division, Tripoli, February 1943 – General Montgomery, Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, General Freyberg Inspection of Divisional Signals by General Freyberg before the departure of the first furlough draft, June 1943 Lieutenant-General B. C. Freyberg at Bouloupari, New Caledonia, June 1943 Lieutenant-General Freyberg in a slit trench after he had been wounded Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Frey-berg, VC, commander of the 2nd Division, accompanied by Brigadier Row, inspecting an 8th Brigade guard of honour during his visit to New Caledonia.Below: Notice board of the Blanche Harbour ferry service — The 8th Brigade Defence and Employment Platoon photographed on Stirling Island. Second-Lieutenant D. T. Fitness, who was in command of the platoon, is seated in the second row, fourth from the right Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg (right) and Brigadier W. G. Stevens in the Senio River area just before the final offensive Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg and Mr S. G. Holland at Divisional Headquarters in Italy, April 1945 Lieutenant H V Donald receives the Military Cross from General Freyberg at a Divisional parade near Maadi Camp Model of the Enfidaville line made for General Freyberg Mr Churchill, wearing topee and accompanied by General Freyberg, drives past 23 Battalion Mr Churchill and General Freyberg On the Aliakmon line: General Freyberg and his G1, Colonel K. L. Stewart Steve Weir, Ike Parkinson and General Freyberg near the Sangro Two of the ‘Commonwealth commanders’ confer in a shell hole: General Morshead (AIF), on the left, and General Freyberg Vice-Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, C-in-C Mediterranean, and Major-General B. C. Freyberg on Board HMS Phoebe after the evacuation of Crete, May 1941


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