Title: Sport 10

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, May 1993, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 10: Autumn 1993

♣ Contributors

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♣ Contributors

Alastair Agnew: aged nearly 30; born in Brazil to a Welsh mother and an Irish father; grew up
in Mataura.

Susan Allpress's poetry and short fiction has appeared in Landfall, Rambling Jack, Poetry NZ,
Printout, Yellow Pencils and the text exhibitions Like They Are Now and the paper project. She edited Printout 2.

Tony Beyer lives in Auckland, teaching, writing and editing Printout 5.

Miro Bilbrough lives in Sydney and works as a journalist. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in Sport, Landfalland other publications.

Peter Bland's most recent collection of poems is Paper Boats (McIndoe, 1991).

Alan Brunton's most recent collection of poems is Soft Passes (AUP, 1991).

Geoff Cochrane's Aztec Noon: Poems 1976-1992 was published in 1992by Victoria University Press. A novella, 'Quest Clinic', appeared in Sport 9.

Allen Curnow's Selected Poems 1940-1989 was published by Viking in 1990. This poem appeared in the 22 Aprilissue of the London Review of Books.

Lynn Davidson was a Reader's Digest-PEN-Stout Research Centre fellow in 1992. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Sport, Landfalland elsewhere.

John Dolan has recently come to New Zealand. He teaches English at Otago University. His book Slavewon the 1988Berkeley Poetry Prize.

Grant Duncan lives in Auckland and works for Massey University at Albany. He helps produce Printoutand has edited Poetry NZ 6.

Fiona Farrell's novel The Skinny Louie Book (Penguin) is shortlisted for the 1993 NZ Book Awards.

Kate Flannery won the 1991 Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award. She lives in Christchurch.

Bernadette Hall lives in Christchurch; she is completing her third collection of poems.

Dinah Hawken's Small Stories of Devotion was published in 1991.

Dan Home has just finished studies at Waikato University, where he majored in English and Computer Science.

Andrew Johnston's first collection of poems, How To Talk (VUP, 1993), includes 'Fool Heart'.

August Kleinzahler lives in San Francisco. His latest book of poems is Like Cities, Like Storms (Picador 1992). He visited New Zealand in September 1992.

Emma Neale is currently in London. An earlier poem appeared in Sport 8.

James Norciffe lives in Christchurch. He has collections of poetry and short fiction forthcoming from Hazard.

Gregory O'Brien's MALACHI—a verse novella has just been published by Little Esther, Adelaide.

Chris Orsman: born in Wellington in 1955; poems published in Sport 8 & 9 and Landfall 184.

Sugu Pillay lives in Christchurch. An earlier story appeared in Sport 6.

Elizabeth Smither's most recent books are A Pattern of Marching (poems, AUP, 1989) and Nights at the Embassy (stories, AUP, 1990). Her Selected Poems appears later in 1993.

Kendrick Smithyman's eleventh collection of poems, Auto/Biographies, has been shortlisted for the 1993 NZ Book Awards.

Jane Westaway was born in England in 1948and lives in Wellington. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies, and she is working on a novel. She is a 1993 Reader's Digest-PEN-Stout Research Centre fellow.

Forbes Williams first performed the piece published here at the 1993 Other Writers Week, the Crown Hotel, Dunedin.