Title: Sport 13

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, October 1994

Part of: Sport

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Sport 13 Spring 1994


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Paola Bilbrough’s work has appeared in Sport and Landfall and recently in a Commonwealth issue of The Malahat Review. She teaches English at a high school in Japan.

William Brandt was born in 1961. He has lived in NZ and Australia, and spent two years in Russia. A film and TV actor and playwright (Verbatim, VUP, 1994), he is presently in London, writing. He is married with one child.

Betty Bremner: first book of poems The Scarlet Runners published 1991; poems in Sport and other periodicals; as well as poetry has a passion for French.

Alan Brunton’s text + image collaboration with Richard Killeen, Ephphatha, is just now available from Workshop Press, Box 26318, Auckland.

Linda Burgess lives in Palmerston North where she teaches English. Her first novel, Between Friends, is published in October by the University of Otago Press.

Geoff Cochrane is the author of Aztec Noon: Poems 1976–1992 (VUP, 1993). His first novel, Tin Nimbus, will be published in 1995.

Allen Curnow lives in Auckland. His Selected Poems 1940–1989 was published by Viking in 1990. A new selection (with Donald Davie and Samuel Menashe) is in preparation for New Penguin Modern Poets. This poem also appears in the London Review of Books of 7 July.

Grant Duncan lives in central Auckland. He is editor of Printout 9 and also poses as a university lecturer with a special interest in the psychic life of bureaucracies.

Jocelind (Jane) Dunford is a 23-year-old occupational therapy student living in Dunedin. Her work has been published in Takahe and the 1993 Otago University Literary Review.

Paul Durcan is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary poets. He visited New Zealand for the 1992 Writers Week. This poem appears in his latest collection, Give Me Your Hand (Macmillan, 1994).

David Eggleton is a Dunedin-based writer, known over the long haul for the presentation of his satirical poetry in cabaret and rock music formats.

Fiona Farrell now lives and works at Otanerito on Banks Peninsula, where the sequence of poems of which ‘Earth’ is part is set.

Russell Haley is the author of several novels, most recently Beside Myself, and books of short stories, poetry and non-fiction.

Dinah Hawken lives and works in Wellington. Her two books of poems are It has no sound and is blue and Small Stories of Devotion, which was published this year in Britain.

Christine Johnston’s first novel, Blessed Art Thou Among Women, won the 1990 Reed Fiction Award. Goodbye Molly McGuire, a novel for teenagers, has just been published. She is the current Burns Fellow at Otago University.

Ian William Jones lives in Auckland and is working on a love story about machines.

Kapka N. Kassabova was born in 1973 in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she lived until two years ago when she came to New Zealand with her parents. A student of Linguistrics and French at Otago University, she won the 1993 Critic poetry competition and the 1994 Alliance Francaise National Competition for French poetry. She has been published in Poetry NZ and SNAFU.

Julie Leibrich lives in Raumati and is a research psychologist; she has had poems published in Sport, Landfall and other periodicals in New Zealand and overseas.

Simon Lewis is an Auckland writer who has had more stories published than poems.

Owen Marshall is the author of seven collections of short fiction. His first novel is to be published in early 1995. He is writing short fiction again at present.

Roger McGough lives in London and his latest collection is Defying Gravity (Penguin).

Joy MacKenzie’s poetry has appeared in Landfall, the Listener, Poetry NZ, Printout and Quote Unquote. She won the 1994 Lilian Ida Smith Award (NZSA) and is working on a novel.

Fiona McLean was born in 1973. She is a student currently living in Wellington.

Johanna Mary [sic: Johanna Knox]’s friends just love her recipe for Aphrodite’s Favourite Sausage.

G.J. Melling is a 1960s/70s relic (Landfall, Islands, Cave, Waiata Recordings) who walked the plank. Re-surfaced in 1990 (Takahe, Printout). Enjoying the fresh air…

Pat Middleton lives in Auckland.

Emma Neale is a New Zealand writer living in London. Her poems have appeared in Sport and elsewhere.

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Gregory O'Brien lives in Wellington. His most recent book of poems is Days Beside Water (AUP, 1993).

Bob Orr lives in Auckland. His most recent book of poems is Breeze (AUP, 1991).

Chris Pigott is 23 years old and lives in Cable Bay in the Far North.

Alan Riach teaches English at the University of Waikato. He is editing the collected works of Hugh McDiarmid, including Selected Poems (Penguin, 1994). His poetry is collected in This Folding Map (1990), An Open Return (1991) and First and Last Songs (AUP, forthcoming 1995).

Tina Shaw lives in Devonport. ‘Favourite’, shortlisted for the 1993 BNZ Katherine Mansfield Award, was published in Sport 12.

Elizabeth Smither’s latest collection of stories is Mr Fish (McIndoe, 1994). Her selected poems, The Tudor Style, was shortlisted for the 1994 NZ Book Awards. She is working on a journal, more stories, and poems.

Chad Taylor is the author of the novels Heaven and Pack of Lies. This story will be included in the collection The Man Who Wasn’t Feeling Himself (David Ling, 1995).