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Geological and other Reports

[List of Fossils collected during the Expedition]

Thanks to the exertions of Mr. Walter Mantell and the opportune arrival of Mr. E. Layard, I am enabled to publish the following list of the fossils collected by me, and named by them.

Whanganui river


Between Pilot Station and Kai-iwi-Blue clay—Venus, trochus, terebratulata.


Shakespeare's cliff—Blue clay—Murex, ostrea, turritella, venerecardia, pecten, calyptræa, balanus, ancellaria, terebratula, tugali elegans.


Parakino—Blue clay—Ostrea, terebratula (2 species) terebratella, pecten, modiola, crepidula, calyptræa, scrpula, flustra, caryophillia.


Caves—Base of upper sandstone, and upper part of blue clay—Ostrea, venus (2 species), pectunculus, artemis, crassitella, pecten, corbula, modiola, trochus, crepidula, mixed with gravel of quartz and other pebbles.


Long reach above the junction of the Maunga-nui-te-au—Base of upper sandstone—Pecten, venus, scutella, balanus, terebratula, crassitella, and one or more univalves not in sufficient preservation to be identified.


Utapu—Base of upper sandstone—Ostrea.


Puketapu—Blue clay—Pectunculus, balanus, artemis, calyptræa, mytilus, flustra, struthiolaria, voluta, crepidula, cucullæa, corbula, serpula, dentalium, crassitella, cultellus? mixed with some gravel.


Paparoa—Base of blue clay—Struthiolaria, turritella, pectunculus, venus, voluta, ostrea, dentalium, cucullæa, crepidula, tooth of lanma, purpura, crassitella (2 species), ancellaria, crustacean, balanus, artemis; some of these fossils are distorted.

Patea country

  • Hautapu and Moawhanga rivers—Probably upper sandstone—Trochus, littorina, venus (2 species)

Manawatu river

  • Near the Gorge on both sides—Upper sandstone—Venus, pholadomya, traces of lignite.
  • Upper course of Oroua river—Terebratula, pecten, natica, tellina. (Collected by Mr. Stewart, surveyor.)
  • East side of Gorge—Ahuriri limestone—Fossils comminuted and cannot be identified.

The fossils from the Rangitikei have unfortunately not yet arrived in Wellington. Pecten is a characteristic fossil of that river.

East Coast country

  • Teawaite run—Blue clay—Artemis, venus, crassitella, struthiolaria, fusus, voluta, dentalium, bulla, turritella.
  • Palliser Bay—Blue clay—Turritella, venus, artemis, crustacean? murex, corbula, struthiolaria, voluta.
  • River Upoko Ngaruru, tributary of Pahaua—Blue clay—Cetacean.*
  • Stream falling into Whakatamahine, which is a tributary of Wainuioro, which is a tributary of Pahaua—Blue clay—Solarium, serpula, cucullæa, fusus, (collected by Messrs. Beetham).

An examination of the above list will prove the correctness of the classification of the tertiary strata which I have given, and will show the connection of the blue clay on both sides of the island.

Note—I am informed that the limestone at the base of the blue clay is likely to make a good cement.

Printed under the authority of the Government of the Province of Wellington by N. Sutherland, Printer for the time being to such Government, 1862.

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* Supposed, by Dr. Knox, to be Phocæna.