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Episodes & Studies Volume 2


page 32


1Air Vice-Marshal F. H. M. Maynard, CB, AFC, Legion of Merit (US); RAF (retd.); England; born Waiuku, 1 May 1893; joined Royal Naval Air Service in 1915 and served in France and United Kingdom in First World War in RNAS and RAF; AOC RAF, Mediterranean, 26 Jan 1940-1 Jun 1941; Air Officer in Charge of Administration, RAF Coastal Command, 1941–44; AOC No. 19 Group, Coastal Command, 1944–45.

2Squadron-Leader R. J. Hyde, AFC, m.i.d.; Christchurch; born Christchurch, 21 Dec 1912; joined RAF1938.

3Air Marshal Sir Hugh, Lloyd, KBE, CB, MC, DFC, Legion of Merit (US); AOC RAF, Mediterranean, 1 Jun 1941–15 Jul 1942; C-in-C, Air Command, Far East, 1948–49; AOC-in-C, RAF Bomber Command, 1950.

4Squadron-Leader D. N. Milligan, DFC; born Wellington, 19 Dec 1916; clerk; joined RAF1937; killed on active service 18 Jan 1944.

5Flight-Lieutenant H. L. M. Glover; British Overseas Airways Corporation; born Dunedin; joined RAF1930; Empire Division, Imperial Airways, 1937–40; joined BOAC from RAF, 1942.

6Wing-Commander A. Frame, DFC; RAF; London; born Oamaru, 6 Sep 1916; clerk; joined RAF1938; Flight Commander 490 (NZ) Sqn, West Africa, 1943.

7Squadron-Leader H. W. Lamond, DFC (Greek); British Air Forces of Occupation, Germany; born Auckland, 26 Aug 1915; joined RAF1939; missing on air operations 25 Apr 1941 and later taken prisoner of war.

8Wing-Commander S. W. R. Hughes, OBE, AFC, DFC (Greek); RAF; England; born Auckland, 25 Oct 1914; journalist; joined RNZAF1937 and transferred to RAF 1938.

9Flight-Lieutenant G. H. Easton; BOAC; England; born Christchurch, 7 Nov 1921; joined RNZAF1940.

10Wing-Commander J. R. Bloxam, OBE, DFC; RAF; England; born New Plymouth, 20 Mar 1918; bank clerk; joined RAF1938.

11Squadron-Leader J. Buckley, DFC; London; born Wanganui, 29 Nov 1915; music student; joined RAF1940.

12Squadron-Leader V. Allport, DFC; born Nelson, 18 Feb 1916; life assurance agent; joined RNZAF1940; killed on active service 26 Mar 1944.

13Flight-Lieutenant E. G. Edmunds, DFC; born Wellington, 29 Nov 1915; joined RNZAF1940; killed in action 11 Dec 1941.

14Flight-Lieutenant R. B. Hesselyn, MBE, DFC, DFM and bar; RAF; England; born Dunedin, 13 Mar 1921; joined RNZAF1940; prisoner of war, 3 Oct 1943-15 May 1945; twice wounded.

15Wing-Commander D. Kain; Raglan; born Wanganui, 16 Oct 1915; farmer; joined RAF1935.

16Wing-Commander J. S. McLean, OBE, DFC; RAF; England; born Hawera, 19 Feb 1912;joined RAF1932.

17Flight-Lieutenant J. D. Rae, DFC and bar; Auckland; born Auckland, 15 Jan 1919; clerk; joined RNZAF1940; prisoner of war, 22 Aug 1943-28 Apr 1945; wounded 1 May 1942.

18Squadron-Leader K. A. Lawrence, DFC; RNZAF Station, Wigram; born Waitara, 25 Nov 1919; bank clerk; joined RAF1939.

19Flight-Lieutenant G. McL. Hayton, DFC; born Hawera, 12 May 1917; accountant; joined RAF1939; killed by enemy action at sea, 20 Oct 1942.

20Flight-Lieutenant H. G. Coldbeck, DFC; Christchurch; born Christchurch, 27 Nov 1916; house decorator; joined RNZAF1941; prisoner of war, 10 Nov 1942.

21Wing-Commander A. H. Harding, DFC; RNZAF Station, Wigram; born Wellington, 1 Sep 1918; civil servant; joined RAF1938; commanded 2 Sqn, No. 5 Coastal OTU, Apr-Dec 1943, and 353 Transport Sqn, RAF India, Mar-Oct 1945.

22Flight-Lieutenant G. Stenborg, DFC; born Auckland, 13 Oct 1921; clerk; joined RNZAF1940; killed in action 24 Sep 1943.

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23Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith R. park, GCB, KBE, MC and bar, DFC, Croix dc Guerre; RAF (retd.); Auckland; born Thames, 15 Jun 1892; in First World War served in Egypt, Gallipoli, and France in NZ Field Artillery (1914-15) and Royal Field Artillery (1915-16); wounded Somme, Oct 1916; seconded to Royal Flying Corps Jan 1917; permanent commission RAF, 1919; Senior Air Staff Officer, HQ Fighter Command, 1938- 40; AOC No. 11 Group, Fighter Command, Apr-Dec 1940; AOC Air Headquarters, Egypt, Jan-Jul 1942; AOC RAF, Mediterranean and Malta Air Command, 15 Jul 1942-Dec 1943; AOC-in-C, Middle East, Jan-Dec 1944; Allied Air C-in-C, South-East Asia, Feb 1945-May 1946.

24Wiag-Commander M. J. Earle; born Wanganui, 2 Oct 1915; joined RAF1936.

25Flying-Officer A. G. Metcalf, DFM; born Bradford, England, 5 Jun 1919; farmer; joined RNZAF1940; killed in action 28 Dec 1943.

26Flight-Lieutenant J. S. Frame, DFC; Wanganui; born Mosgiel, 26 Jul 1916; clerk; joined RNZAF1941.

27Warrant-Officer T. D. Rusbatch; Oamaru; born Oamaru, 19 Dec 1918; mechanic; joined RNZAF1940.

28Flying-Officer J. D. C. Cumming, DFM; Palmerston North; born Christchurch, 2 Jun 1917; clerk; joined RNZAF1938; wounded 17 Sep 1942.

29Flight-Sergeant W. Hornung, DFM; born Christchurch, 12 Sep 1918; clerk; joined RNZAF1940; killed in action 10 Apr 1943.

30Flight-Lieutenant W. A. Fraser, DFC, DFM; Auckland; born Dunedin, 8 Dec 1921; farmer; joined RNZAF1941.

31Flying-Officer J. H. Low, DFC; born Bluff, 6 Apr 1918; railway porter; joined RNZAF1940; accidentally killed in NZ, 23 Mar 1944.

32Warrant-Officer A. R. Brown, DFM; Timaru; born Timaru, 5 Sep 1915; labourer; joined RNZAF1940.

33Flight-Lieutenant J. A. Wilkinson, DFM; Pukekawa, Auckland; born Gisborne, 8 Nov 1919; sheep-farmer; joined RNZAF1940.

34Flight-Lieutenant J. F. P. Yeatman, DFC; Wellington; born Brighton, England, 17 Feb 1919; clerk; joined RNZAF1941.

35Pilot-Officer N. M. Park, DFM; born Gisborne, 6 Mar 1921; shepherd; joined RNZAF1941; killed in action 25 Oct 1942.

36Flight-Lieutenant R. B. Hendry, DFC; Masterton; born Masterton, 2 Aug 1920; clerk; joined RNZAF1941.

37Flight-Lieutenant J. A. Houlton, DFC; Woodend; born Christchurch, 23 Sep 1922; clerk; joined RNZAF1941.

38Flight-Lieutenant D. A. Piggott; Auckland; born Auckland, 31 May 1921; engineer; joined RNZAF1941.

39Flight-Lieutenant J. E. Mortimer, DFC; Auckland; born Auckland, 12 Jul 1916; warehouseman; joined RNZAF1941; shot down over Somme estuary, 3 Oct 1943, escaped to France and evaded capture for eleven months; wounded 15 Oct 1942.

The rank given is the highest attained by each airman during his wartime service and the occupations are those engaged in on enlistment.