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The Home Front Volume I

List of Illustrations

page xvii

List of Illustrations

PHOTOGRAPHS (all held by the Alexander Turnbull Library)

Frontispiece Volume I
Army personnel engaged in harvesting. War History Collection
facing p. 194
Peter Fraser. Reeds Collection
Conscientious objectors. War History Collection
Conscientious objectors in a detention camp.
Liberty Loan poster. Gordon Burt Collection
Draught horses in Awatere Valley, Marlborough, 1945. War History Collection
Sheep droving in the Wairarapa. War History Collection
Parliament grounds dug up for air raid shelters, 1941. War History Collection
Entrance to an air raid shelter in Parliament grounds. War History Collection
Hutt Road, showing headlight restriction notices, 1943. Evening Post Collection
Installing blackout curtains. War History Collection
Race meeting at Trentham, March 1943. War History Collection
Soldiers working on the waterfront at Auckland. War History Collection
The Somes Battalion, Home Guard, on a route march from Petone to Eastbourne, 1943. War History Collection
facing p. 418
Sir Apirana Ngata. S. P. Andrew Collection
J. G. Coates. War History Collection
Peter Fraser with New Zealand servicemen in England. War History Collection
A school air raid shelter at Devonport, Auckland. War History Collection
An air raid shelter under construction, Auckland, April 1942. War History Collection page xviii
Four St John ambulance nurses at the opening of the Centennial Memorial meeting house, Tawakeheimoa, at Te Awahou. Pascoe Collection
EPS personnel practice first-aid.
Maori section of the Women’s National Service Corps on parade.
Women’s National Service Corps digging trenches. War History Collection
Home Guardsmen. Evening Post Collection
Men of the Elmwood Home Guard prepared for work on defences, December 1941. War History Collection
Crib (snack) time in a wet mine, Stockton, 1944. War History Collection
Denniston, 1945. Pascoe Collection
United States troops at Paekakariki, 1942. War History Collection
United States marines lined up with their mess gear, Paekakariki, 1943. War History Collection
Polish refugees, 1945. Pascoe Collection
Free apples for school children. War History Collection
Frontispiece Volume II
National Savings poster.
facing p. 866
Waste metal collection. War History Collection
Glass and paper conservation. War History Collection
A winchdriver unloading war material, 1943. Pascoe Collection
Soldiers building a haystack, Hamilton, 1944. War History Collection
Ration books being issued by the Post and Telegraph Department at Auckland, April 1942. War History Collection
A ration book page
The Coast Watching Station at Oteranga Bay, only accessible by horse, 1943. Pascoe Collection
Patriotic poster designed by the Governor-General, Lord Galway. Evening Post Collection
Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt talking to Mrs Janet Fraser at Auckland Airport, 1943. Pascoe Collection
Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt and J. T. Paul, Director of Publicity, at Government House, 1943. Pascoe Collection
Girl Guides in Auckland making camouflage nets. War History Collection page xix
Aircraft construction at the de Havilland plant in Wellington, 1943. War History Collection
Red Cross supplies being loaded at Wellington Wharf. War History Collection
Gift food being loaded for despatch to Britain, January 1948. War History Collection
A munitions factory, 1943. Pascoe Collection
Manufacture of helmets. Gordon Burt Collection
facing p. 1090
A member of the Women’s Land Service holding a lamb for tailing at Porangahau. War History Collection
Battledress being manufactured at Cathie & Sons Ltd. War History Collection
Aircraft being constructed. War History Collection
Grenade making at Christchurch. War History Collection
Cabbages grown by the Department of Agriculture for use by United States forces, Levin, 1943. War History Collection
A Levin vegetable farm, producing vegetables for reciprocal lend lease. Pascoe Collection
Cabinetmakers at work at the Disabled Servicemen’s Centre, Christchurch. War History Collection
Motor tow-boats built in Auckland for the United States armed forces being launched in 1943. War History Collection
Loading rounds into ammunition clips at the Colonial Ammunition Company’s factory, Hamilton, 1944. War History Collection
Woman tram conductor, Wellington, 1943. War History Collection
A stack of stripped flax fibre ready for the manufacturing process with a flax bush in the foreground, Foxton, 1945. War History Collection
New housing estate, Naenae, 1944. Evening Post Collection
Celebrating VE Day, Lambton Quay, Wellington, 8 May 1945. War History Collection
Canadian sailors in Wellington on VJ Day, 15 August 1945. War History Collection
The return of the 28th (Maori) Battalion, Wellington, 1947. Two kuias express grief for the relatives of soldiers who died overseas. War History Collection
Soldiers’ cemetery, Karori, Wellington, 1944. War History Collection
page xx
Permit for Railway Journey 318
Red Cross leaflet 485
Evacuation card 539
Approval notice for application for pair of gumboots 774
CARTOONS (all by Minhinnick, New Zealand Herald)
‘Westfield Aftermath’ 384
‘To be, or not to be’ 411
‘Moon-struck’ 412
‘Here————There’ 414
‘Shrunk in the Wash’ 480
‘The Ins and Outs’ 492
‘Reply Paid’ 610
‘They say she knows where there’s some wool!’ 763
‘“Come and get it!”’ 782
‘Austerity Christmas’ 794
‘Buttercuts and Dazes’ 819
‘We Have no Pyjamas To-day’ 844
‘Simple Blackout Hints, No. 163’ 910
‘Prisoner of War?’ 943
‘Education under Difficulties’ 1136