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A year among the Maoris: study of their arts and customs


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The following list contains the names of the principal works dealing with the Maori race:

1807. New Zealand. By Dr. Savage. London: J. Murray.

1817. Voyage to New Zealand. By John L. Nicholas. London: Black.

1823. Journal of Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand. By Captain Cruise. London: Longmans.

1830. The New Zealanders (Library of Entertaining Knowledge).London:Chas. Knight.

1832. Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand. By Augustus Earle. London: Longmans.

1836. Two Visits to New Zealand. By Dr. Marshall. London: Nisbet and Co.

1840. Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders. By J. S. Polack. London: Madden and Co.

1843. Travels in New Zealand. By E. Dieffenbach. London: Murray.

1855. Te-Ika-a-Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants. By Rev. Richard Taylor. London: Wertheim and Macintosh. (Second edition, enlarged, 1870.)

1856. Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders. By Edward Shortland. London: Longmans.

1859. Story of New Zealand. By Dr. Thomson. London: John Murray.

1863. Old New Zealand. By Judge Maning. Auckland: Creighton and Scales.

1864. The Maori King, or the Story of our Quarrel with the Natives of New Zealand. By J. E. Gorst, M.A. London: Macmillan and Co.

1879. Reminiscences of the War in New Zealand. By T. W. Gudgeon. London: Sampson Low.

1885. Polynesian Mythology and Maori Legends. By Sir G. Grey.

1889. Ancient History of the Maori. By John White. London.

1893. Captain Cook's Journal during his First Voyage round the World. Edited by Captain W. J. L. Wharton, R.N. London: Elliot Stock.

1896. The Art Workmanship of the Maori Race in New Zealand. By Augustus Hamilton. Dunedin: Fergusson and Mitchell.

1896. Journal of Sir Joseph Banks. Edited by Sir Joseph D. Hooker. London: Macmillan and Co.

1897. The Long White Cloud, Aotearoa. By W. P. Reeves. London: Horace Marshall and Sons.

1902. The Last Maori War in New Zealand. By Major-General Sir George S. Whitmore, K.C.M.G., M.L.C. London: Sampson Low, Marston and Co.

1904. Wars of the Northern against the Southern Tribes of New Zealand in the Nineteenth Century. By S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S. Wellington: Whitcombe and Tombs (Limited). (Second and enlarged edition in 1910.)

1905. The Maori Race. By E. Tregear. Wanganui: A. D. Willis.

1907. Maori and Polynesian. By J. M. Brown. London.

1910. The Maoris of New Zealand. By J. Cowan. Wellington: Whitcombe and Tombs (Limited).

1910. History and Traditions of the Maoris of the West Coast, North Island of New Zealand. By S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S. New Plymouth: Polynesian Society.

1911. Hawaiki: The Original Home of the Maori. By S. Percy Smith. Third edition. Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs (Limited).

1913. The Lore of the Whare Wananga. Third Volume of Memoirs of Polynesian Society. On Maori Religion, Myths, Cosmogony, etc.

1914. The Treaty of Waitangi. By T. Lindsay Buick. Wellington: S. and W. Mackay.

1917. A Dictionary of the Maori Language. By Herbert L. Williams. Wellington: Government Printer.

1921. New Zealand One Hundred Years Ago. By Major Richard A. Cruise. Auckland: Brett Printing and Publishing Company. (A reprint of the book published in 1823.)

1921. Maori and Pakeha. A History of New Zealand. By A. W. Shrimpton, M.A., and A. E. Mulgan. Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs (Limited).

1922. Maori Myth and Religion. Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the Maori.Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori.Maori Division of Time. By Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.Inst. Dominion Museum Monographs, 1-4. Wellington: Government Printer.

1922. The New Zealand Wars: a History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period: Vols. I. and II. By James Cowan. Wellington: Government Printer.

1924. The Maori. By Elsdon Best. Published by the Board of Maori Ethnological Research for the author and on behalf of the Polynesian Society. Vol. I. Wellington: Harry H. Tombs, Limited.

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