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Italy Volume I: The Sangro to Cassino



(a) New Zealand

The documents of 2 New Zealand Division and 2 New Zealand Expeditionary Force on which the preliminary narratives for this volume are based are in the custody of the War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington. They are too numerous to specify individually, but they fall into the following main classes:

New Zealand Corps, Divisional, Brigade and unit war diaries.

Miscellaneous reports, records of interviews, eyewitness accounts, signal messages, strength states, casualty lists, sketches, citations.

Lieutenant-General Freyberg's diary and private papers.

These official documents have been supplemented by the unofficial material yielded by correspondence and interviews with participants undertaken both by the narrators in the War History Branch and by the author.

(b) United Kingdom

Admiralty, Naval Intelligence Division: Geographical Handbook Series, Italy, Vol. I, 1944.

British Historical Section, Central Mediterranean: Operations of British, Indian, and Dominion Forces in Italy. Part I, The Conquest of Southern Italy. Section A, Allied Strategy, Chap. II. Section B, Eighth Army Operations, Reggio to Ortona. Section E, New Zealand Corps at Cassino.

Jones, Major F. (for Historical Section of the Cabinet): Report on the Events Leading to the Bombing of the Abbey of Monte Cassino on 15 February 1944. 1949.

Narrative, section 4, Chapter H, Prelude to and Plan for the Invasion of Italy.

Leese, General Sir Oliver: An Account of 30 Corps from September to December 24th, 1943; and Eighth Army Operations up till May 11th, 1944.

Royal Air Force Mediterranean Review, No. 7, April–June 1944.

War Office Intelligence Summary of 25 March 1943.

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(e) German

(Except for the last two items, the classifications are those of the German Military Documents Section (GMDS) files in the United States War Department, Washington, which has possession of the documents.)

Tenth Army war diary and appendices (42092/1, 4–10, 21–25).

Tenth Army reports and conversations (52071/3-8).

Fourteenth Panzer Corps war diary, intelligence diary, reports, miscellaneous appendices and maps (58199/1, 6, 8–9, 20–21, 31; 58200/1, 3, 5).

Seventy-sixth Panzer Corps appendices to war diary (43005/4).

Sixteenth Panzer Division war diary (42243/7).

Twenty-sixth Panzer Division war diary and appendices and battle reports (43873/13-14, 17–19, 26).

Von Senger und Etterlin, General F.; War Diary of the Italian Campaign – Cassino. (MS. C-095b, Historical Division, Headquarters, United States Army, Europe.) (Includes excerpts from the war diary of 14 Panzer Corps.)

Letter to author, 11 November 1954.