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War Economy


page 639

Appendix II

The units of measurement and weights of these items are given in Parliamentary Paper H–43, 1944, The New Zealand Wartime Prices Index.

Food Group
Groceries Sub-group
Bread, cash over counter Sugar, fine quality (1 and 1A)
Potatoes Jam, NZ plum or plum and apple
Onions Honey
Flour, ordinary Golden syrup
Oatmeal Raisins
Rolled oats Peaches, canned, first grade
Rice, medium grade Prunes (dried), 30–40 grade
Tea Salt, common
Coffee Baking-powder
Dairy-produce Sub-group
Milk, fresh (delivered, bottled or not bottled) Butter, factory-made, first grade Cheese, ordinary
Bacon— Eggs, fresh (Standard Grade)
Shoulder Middle cut
Meat and Fish Sub-group
Beef— Mutton—
Sirloin Leg
Brisket Shoulder
Prime ribs Lion
Rump steak Neck
Topside Chops
Stewing steak Pork—
Corned— Leg
Round Loin
Rolled Belly
Brisket Chops
Sausages— Tripe
Pork Fish, fresh groper (hapuku)
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sub-group
Vegetables— Fruit—
Carrots Lemons (NZ only)
Parsnips Apples, eating and cooking
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Rent Group

Rentals for four-, five-, and six-roomed houses for the following classes: State; State reverted; Private.

Fuel and Light Group
Coal, household Gas
Coke, household Electric current

Clothing, Footwear, and Household Drapery Group

Men's Wear
Suit, NZ Wool, r.m.1 Pyjamas, flannelette
Working overalls, denim Pullover, worsted
Overcoat, NZ tweed, r.m. Sports coat, NZ wool, r.m.
Raincoat, cotton gaberdine Sports trousers, worsted, r.m.
Hat, fur felt Boots, men's—
Shirt, cotton Heavy
Shirt, working, drill Light
Singlet— Shoes, men's—
Wool Heavy
Locknit Light
Underpants— Repairs: Half-soled and heeled (sewn and riveted)
Wool Interlock
Socks— Wool
Women's Wear
Frock material— Panties, locknit
Art. silk Underslip, locknit
Wool Nightdress, locknit
Cotton Pyjamas, wincyette
Skirt— Stockings—
NZ tweed, r.m. Silk
NZ worsted, r.m. Lisle
Hat, wool felt Gloves, nappa
Frock— Smock, dirndl
Wool, r.m. Pullover, wool
Art. silk, r.m. Overcoat, N. Z. tweed, r.m.
Cotton, r.m. Raincoat, cotton gaberdine
Corselettes Shoes—
Vests— Heavy
Wool Light
Locknit Repairs: Half-soled and heeled (sewn and riveted)
page 641
Boys' Wear (10 ½ years)
Suit, NZ wool, r.m. Shirt—
Shorts, NZ tweed, r.m. Flannel
Overcoat, NZ tweed, r.m. Cotton
Raincoat, cotton gaberdine School hose
School cap Pyjamas, flannelette
Singlet— Jersy, wool
Wool Boots, heavy
Interlock Shoes—
Underpants— Light
Wool Brown sandals
Interlock Repairs: Half-soled and heeled (sewn and riveted)
Girls' Wear (7 years)
Gym frock, r.m. Sockettes, lisle
Frock— Nightdress, locknit
Wool, r.m. Pyjamas, wincyette
Cotton, r.m. Cardigan, wool
School hat, felt Overcoat, NZ tweed, r.m.
Vest— Raincoat, cotton gaberdine
Wool Shoes—
Interlock Heavy
Bloomers— Light
Wool Brown sandals
Interlock Repairs: Half-soled and heeled (sewn and riveted)
Stockings, cashmere
Child's Wear (under 5 years)
Clydella Jersey, wool
Shirt, cotton Socks, wool
Pants, NZ wool, r.m. Shoes (patent and calf)
Overcoat, NZ tweed, r.m. Felt slippers
Singlet, wool Repairs: Half-soled and heeled (sewn and riveted)
Pyjamas, wincyette
Household Drapery
Blankets— Pillowslip
Double Towel
Single Tea-towel
Sheets— Tablecloth
Double, 80 in.
Single, 54 in.

Miscellaneous Group


Railway fares for suburban and other short trips.

Tramway fares in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

page 642
Plate, white earthenware— Mixing-bowl—
Large Large
Small Small
Cup and saucer, white earthen-ware—
Tea size
Breakfast size
Bedstead, 4 ft 6 in. Dining table, extension 3 ft 6 in.
Dressing chest, 3 ft 6 in. × 3 ft
Wardrobe, 3 ft 6 in. Dining chair
Mattress— Sideboard
Wire, 4 ft 6 in. Kitchen—
Wool, 4 ft 6 in. Table
Pillow Stool, unpainted
Occasional table
Household Cleaning
Soap, laundry (medium grade, Cleaser (Old Dutch)
40 bars to cwt) Boot-polish (Nugget)
Starch Ciothes-pegs
Blue (half-dozen knobs to packet) Sandsoap
Ironmongery and Hardware
Enamelware— Garden Tools—
Stew-pan, 14 cm Spade
Kettle Axe, 4 lb
Teapot, 2 pint Rake, 12-tooth
Preserving pan, 16 pint Hoe, 7 in.
Colander, 9 in. Brushware—
Pudding basin, 7 in. Corn brooms
Pie-dish, 8 in. Mop, white cotton, 12 oz
Jug, 3 pint Broom, hair and fibre, 12 in.
Mug, half-pint Scrub brush, small
Basin (large and small) Bannister brush, flat back
Tinware— Sundries—
Tin dipper, 2 quart Washboard, wood, suare top
Cake-tin, round, 7 in. Bucket, galvanised, 12 in.
Sandwich-tin, round, 8 in. Fry-pan, 10 in.
Cutlery and Silver— Bake-pan, 12 in.
Knives— Fire-shovel, 6 in.
Dessert, not stainless Mincer
Table, not stainless Electric light globe—
Teaspoons, not stainless 60 W
Dessert spoons, not stainless 100 W
Desert forks, not stainless
Table spoons, not stainless
Table forks, not stainless
page 643
Papers, Periodicals, and School Stationery
Papers (NZ) School stationery—
Periodicals (NZ and overseas) Exercise book—
8 ½ in. ×X 6 ½ in. (28 leaf)
10 in. ×X 8 in. (32 leaf)
Pad, 10 in. ×X 8 in. (30 leaf)
Drawing-book, 12 ¼ in. × 9 ¾ in.
(8–8 leaf)
Toilet and Personal Services
Toothpaste Razor-blades (packet of five)
Soap— Haircuts
Postages and Telegrams
Letter Telegram

Tobacco (cut)

1 Ready-made.