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Sir Donald McLean
25 October 18205 January 1877

Also known as: Sir Donald Maclean.

Administrator, runholder, politician, provincial superintendent.

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Donald Maclean — [From a photograph about 1860 Fig. 213.—Sir Donald Maclean, K.C.M.G.G. By courtesy Sir Douglas Maclcan] Fig. 44—Mr. Donald McLean (Protector of Aborigines, 1847) addressing one of the numerous meetings of Europeans and Natives at a Maori Pa, called “Whakairo,” by the Redcliffe Bridge, near the Napier Golf Links. This scene was photographed by Mr. Charles Robson and appeared in the “London Illustrated News,” 31st October, 1863 (a copy of which is in the possession of Mr. Charles J. Freeman. Wellington), and reproduced by Mr. E. T. Robson, Wellington Sir Donald Maclean, K.C.M.G. — Born 1820, died 1877 Sir Donald McLean


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