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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Part Pahaua Block and Wilson's Run, Wairarapa District

Part Pahaua Block and Wilson's Run, Wairarapa District.

1853. 29 October.Wairarapa District.This paperor Deed transferring land written this day on the twenty-ninth 29th of the days of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty three 1853 Is a paper of the full and true consent of us the Chiefs and people of NgatikahungunuPart Pahaua and Wilson's Run. whose names are attached to this paper, on behalf of ourselves our relatives and descendants to entirely transfer a portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.
And having agreed to entirely and for ever transfer this portion of our land, Victoria, the Queen of England on her part agrees to pay us Seven hundred poundsReceipt for £700. £700 in money which sum has been paid into our hands this day by Mr. McLean.

The remaining price to be paid for the land is to be fixed and decided on when the boundaries are surveyed and the land examined by the surveyors that its extent may be known, and the extent and position of the reserves for ourselves laid down.

Five per cents.The 5 per cent on all sales of land, to be paid for this district the same as atBoundaries. Wairarapa. The boundary of the land commences at the entrance of the Kaiwata river page 277and the boundary goes up the Kaiwata river till it reaches Hururunui on to Paeponga and goes inland and goes on the road or path to Ohinepaka on to Wakarongotaheke on to the Hiwera till it joins the boundary of the land sold by Wiremu Kingi te Hiakai and Piripi and goes along that boundary to Wainuioru and along the Wainuioru to Pahaua river and down the Pahaua river to the sea and along the sea coast to Kaiwata.
The lands for us within these boundaries are these:—Native reserves.
1.The piece of land shown by Hoera to te Hapuku and Mr. McLean on the East side of the Pahaua river.
2.The pieces described by te Wereta Kawa Kairangi in his letter, which are to be regularly pointed out and surveyed that there may be no dispute about them.
3.A small piece called the Pa at Kaiwata.
4.A small piece of the bush only at te Waipuna.

These are all the places for us.

Now we have thought over reflected and for ever transferred and bade farewell to this land of our ancestors, descended from them to us, with all its rivers, creeks, lakes, waters, timber, grass, stones, all its good and bad places and all and everything either under on above the said land and all and everything belonging to the said land, is transferred by us under the shining sun of the present day as a sure and certain land to Victoria the Queen of England or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.

And having consented to all the conditions in this paper we hereunto sign our names and marks and the Queen of England on her part having agreed to all the conditions in this paper Donald McLean the Governor's Land Commissioner for New Zealand hereunto signs his name.

(Signed) Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.

" Te Hapuku te Ika o te moanax.
" Hoera Wakataha.
" Te Wereta Kawakairangix.
" Piripi Patoromu.
" Hori Tehunga.
" Ngairo Takatakaputea.

Here follow additional Native signatures.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

(Signed) John P. Russell, Settler, Wangai Moana, Wairarapa.
(" ) Hirini Tarahawaiti, Kai Wakaako, Wairarapa.
(" ) Renata te Ao, Mataikona.

A True Translation.

For D. McLean. (Signed) H. T. Kemp,
Land Commissioner.

True Copy.

H. T. Kemp.