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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.

No. 41. — J. W. Hamilton, Esq., to D. McLean, Esq.

No. 41.
J. W. Hamilton, Esq., to D. McLean, Esq.,

Lyttelton, February 17th, 1858.


Referring to my letter of 16th November, I have the honour now to forward receipt of the Kaiapoi Maoris for the second payment of £200 made to them on the 12th November, 1857.

I have also the honour to enclose a complete statement of all expenditure on account of the Akaroa and Kaiapoi Land Purchases during the tune of my employment on these services, viz., from 4th December, 1856, to 15th February, 1858, when I repaid into the Treasury Chest the balance, 9s. 7d., of unexpended imprest monies advanced to me accounting duly at the same time for all disbursements whether of sums advanced from the Provincial or those advanced from the General Chests.

There remains now but the question whether the further sum of £100 expected from the Government on account of the Kaiapoi purchase shall be paid at the time of settling Kaikoura's (Whakatau's) claim.

Since this purchase was effected there have been discovered some 60,000 acres at least of available pastoral and agricultural country about the sources of the Hurunui, and an equal or larger quantity of available pastoral country about the sources of the Ashley; all which land is now in occupation.

Recent exploration across to Arahura and along the Coast southwards for 90 miles, has not led to the discovery of much or valuable land to the westward of the watershed of this part of the Middle Island, nor to the belief that any quantity of such land will eventually be found there.

My letter of 15th February shows an estimate of £245 as the cost of effecting the Akaroa and Kaiapoi purchase, through a Commissioner sent from the North Island, up to completing the first payment. The whole cost, including the second payment and a gratuity to myself of £50, has actually page 30amounted to £125 13s. 11d., shewing a saving of £120, which would be increased to £220 or more if, taking into account a second payment by a Commissioner, or the time he would have been delayed here waiting to receive instructions as to the paying at once the whole sum of £500 demanded by the Maoris.

I beg to remind yon of your promise that copies of the original Deeds of Sale executed by the Maoris, shewing how we derive our Title as against themselves to the various portions of this Province, should be transmitted for record here; and that it has not, so far as I am aware, been fulfilled.

I have, &c.,

J. W. Hamilton,
Native Land Purchase Department, Auckland.

The Chief Commissioner,&c., &c., &c.,Late Agent for Kaiapoi and Akaroa Purchase. P.S.—Other duties to attend to have prevented my sending you in this statement of accounts sooner.