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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.

No. 1. — Donald McLean, Esq., Chief Commissioner, to the Assistant Native Secretary, Collingwood

No. 1.
Donald McLean, Esq., Chief Commissioner, to the Assistant Native Secretary, Collingwood.

Chief Land Purchase Commissioner's Office, Auckland, November 3rd, 1858.


I have the honour by direction of His Excellency the Governor to request that you will be good enough to proceed to Kaikoura at your earliest convenience, for the purpose of settling with the Natives there for their outstanding claims to land in the Canterbury Province; and also definitely to fix the position, extent, and boundaries of the reserves necessary for the maintenance and wants of the Native population, the proportionate area of the reserve for each individual or head of a family to vary from 10 to 100 acres, according to the quality, capabilities, relative value of the land, and rank of the owner.

You will be good enough to take care that a villiage site required at, or near Kaikoura, is not included in these reserves. The position of this site will be pointed out to you by the resident Europeans. It is I believe probable, that a villiage will be laid out at the spot now used for the shipment of produce.

It will be necessary that you should be provided with a Surveyor, whose duty it will be clearly and accurately to define the boundaries of each reserve, which should be laid off, when possible, within natural boundaries, and in such a manner, as to avoid future disputes.

For this purpose you should secure the services, of a competent person, if practicable, at Kaikoura, as much expense will thereby be obviated, but should you not, upon enquiry, be able to effect this, you will be good enough to engage a Surveyor in Nelson to accompany you; making the most economical arrangements possible regarding his passage and necessary expenses, in either case, the amount of remuneration for his services will be left to your own discretion, bearing in mind that the strictest economy, consistent with an effective performance of this duty, will be required by His Excellency's Government.

The sum of £150 will be advanced to you for the purpose of obtaining the final cession of all their claims to land in that Province, and a form of deed is herewith enclosed which you will be good enough to fill up, or vary as you may think best.

The duties thus assigned to you at Kaikoura having been carefully completed, you will have the goodness to proceed to Arahura on the West Coast for the purpose of carrying out similar arrangements at that place by marking off a reserve, or reserves, not exceeding if possible, a total area of about 500 acres, which it appears, would be sufficient for the few Natives residing there.

You will have a conveyance of all their claims duly executed by Tuhuru and the other Chiefs and people residing on the West Coast, to whom you will pay on surrendering their rights, a sum of £150, on £200.

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The total sum estimated for the completion of the Arahura and Kaikoura claims is £200; which amount will be placed at your disposal to be apportioned by you as you may deem most desirable for carrying out the duties assigned to you.

Great reliance is placed on your own judgment and discretion as to the carrying out of the details of this arrangement including the extent of the necessary reserves for the Natives.

I have, &c.,

Donald McLean,
Chief Commissioner.

James Mackay, Junr., Esq., Collingwood.