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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


This Deed made this day the tenth day of November in the year of Our Lord one1866. 10 Noverber.Hawke's Bay. thousand eight hundred and sixty six (1866) Is a Deed, of full, and final sale, conveyance, and surrender, by us, by Hone Te Wharemako, Karauria Tama i Whakakitea te Rangi, Enoka te Rua, Rawenata Taui, Te Koko, Eru te Whakaruamoko, Pene te PunaRuahine., and Te Hira Pirika, aboriginal natives of Heretaunga, in the Province Hawke's Bay. This Deed Witnesseth that We, for ourselves, our relatives, and our Heirs, which may come after us, have parted with and for ever transferred unto Donald McLean Superintendent of Heretaunga (Hawke's Bay) and to all Superintendents which may come after him, our piece of land known by the name of Pukahu, including all the boundaries of that parcel of land as was entered into the Native Lands Court, which boundaries are as follows: Commencing at Te Wheturaririki, following up Te WheturaririkiBoundaries. [1,905 acres.] to a peg put in by the Surveyors thence running in a straight line across to Hikahika, here it turns and follows the boundary of the land formerly sold to the Queen, turns again, and again follows the boundary of the former sale of land to the Queen till it reaches the Ngaruroro at Te Totara, follows the Ngaruroro up to the Awanui follows the Awanui up to Te Wheturaririki, this land is more particularly shown by the map in the margin of this Deed. We have fully parted page 552with this land for these considerations, namely, for the full sum of money amounting to three thousand six hundred pounds (£3600) two thousand pounds (£2000) we have received this dayReceipt for £2,000, first instalment., and the balance, namely, one thousand six hundred pounds (£1600) to be paid to us in the month of March. Now, the whole of this piece of land we have finally given up, with all timber, water, and all stones, and all things either above or below the surface of the land, and All our rights, title, claims, and interests therein, to hold it unto Donald McLean, Superintendent of Heretaunga (Hawke's Bay) and to all Superintendents which may come after him, and to all whom he or they may deliver it unto for ever. And, in testimony of ourNative reserve. [55 acres.] consent to all the terms and considerations of this Deed we have subscribed our names and marks, and in testimony of Donald McLean having given his consent to all the conditions of this Deed Mr. Locke has subscribed his name. Fifty five acres of this piece of land are reserved for the Natives,—that portion next adjoining Te Wheturaririki.