Title: Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930

Author: Timothy Walker

Publication details: University of Auckland, 1985, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Timothy Walker

Part of: The Moko Texts Collection

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Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930

Primary Sources

page 390

Primary Sources

Robley was a remarkably prolific correspondent. He sent his many New Zealand friends a constant stream of letters, decorated envelopes, annotated sketches, illustrated postcards, newsclippings, photographs and miscellaneous items.

This material constitutes the principal resource for the researcher interested in Robley and topics related to him. The following inventory catalogues all known holdings of such material in New Zealand Public Collections.

Robley's published writings are also listed.

Decorated Envelope 1894 ATL MS 16/9

Decorated Envelope 1894 ATL MS 16/9

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Published Material

Moko; or Maori Tattooing Chapman & Hall Ltd, London 1896

“Pounamu; Notes on New Zealand Greenstone” T.J.S. Guilford & Co Ltd, London, 1915

“History of the 1st Battallion, Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders” (by Lieut. Col. H.G. Robley & P.J. Aubin) Capetown 1883

“A History of the Maori Tiki” newspaper article, in two parts, printed in the Kaitaia Northlander; 25 November and 2 December, 1925.

Manuscript Material and miscellaneous items

The inventory below includes letters, photographs, annotated sketches and miscellaneous items of interest.

Correspondence is denoted in the following manner:

  • : Robley-Mair; ie. items from Robley to Mair

  • : Robley-Mair-Robley; is a two-way correspondence

  • : Robley-Mair, Fildes, McLean; ie. items from Robley to those three people

In many cases these refer to extensive amounts of correspondence.

A small number of items are included which are neither to nor from Robley directly, but which refer to him.

Alexander Turnbull Library; Manuscript Collection

MS Papers 16 (Horatio Gordon Robley Papers)
Folder 1. Fildes-Robley 2. Robley-Hamilton, Best, McLean 3. misc. items 4. “Moko; or Maori Tattooing” ex: Craig-Brown Collection, with additions; Robley — Craig-Brown; Windsor Castle-Robley; misc. items 5. “Pounamu” ex: Craig-Brown Collection, with additions; Robley-Craig-Brown 6. Robley-Mair, Mr & Mrs McLean; misc. items 7. 37 loose leaf prints from Moko; or Maori Tattooing 8. Robley-Best; H. Williams-Robley (NB: these are xerox copies. Permission to copy must be obtained from the owner of the originals) 9. Robley, Best, Fildes-Adams

MS c. 1915 p “Pounamu: two MS copies and a proof copy; Acc. 76791

MS Papers 734 “Notebook; 1857–1887” H. G. Robley 48 1. NB: This is a xerox copy of Robley's Military Notebook. The original is in the National Library of Australia, Canberra. (ANL NK 981)

MS 1866–? “Coins of Ceylon” H. G. Robley, with additions; Robley-Fildes

MS Papers 32 (Donald McLean) 863. Robley-McLean

MS Papers 39 (James Cowan) 12a. misc. item 40. Robley-Cowan

MS Papers 48 (Sir Walter Buller) 27. Robley-Buller

MS Papers 57 (Alexander Turnbull) 77. Robley-Turnbull

MS Papers 72 (Elsdon Best) 5a. Robley-Best

qMS Elsdon Best Scrapbooks

Volume 1. drawings; moko & hei tiki 2. Robley-Best 2a. drawings; mokamokai 3. Robley-Best drawings; pounamu

MS Papers 92 (Gilbert Mair) 13a. Robley-Mair

qMS/1898–1922 Robley-Mair (bound volume)

MS Papers 93 (Mair Family) 3. Fildes-Mair

MS Papers 129 (William Pember Reeves) 5. Robley-Reeves-Robley

MS Papers 148 (J. C. Andersen) 82. Mair-Henry Brett

MS Papers 172 (H. T. Hill) series d/10. Robley-Hill

MS Papers 1387 (T. E. Donne)
Folders 5, 5B, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 25, 26. Annotated drawings, photographs, newsclippings and misc. items 7. Robley-Donne misc items 15. MS notes; hei tiki 19. Robley-Donne; Chapman & Hall, Best, Fildes, Mair, Cowan, Lord Onslow-Robley 20. “New Zealand in 64–65–66” MS & typescript 21. Robley-Donne annotated Maori designs 22. Robley-Oldman, Donne, Tate-Stoate, Buller 23. Mair-Robley: misc notes & drawings 24. Robley-Donne: misc. plans of Gate Pa

qMS/ca 1903–1941 (T. E. Donne Scrapbooks)
“The Maori; an annotated scrapbook” includes annotated sketches by Robley
“The Hei Tiki” Ac. No. 83-197/2; includes annotated sketches by Robley

MS Papers 1503 (Horace Fildes) 1. xerox copies of correspondence held in Victoria University Library Collection; Fildes 10/1 2. Donne-Fildes 3. R. D. Evans-Robley: misc items

Alexander Turnbull Library; Art Collection

E280 Box of sketches and illustrated postcards

E24A Set of anecdotal postcards illustrating incidents of the First World War

E28 Sketchbook (NB: portraits and scenes in this sketchbook are included in the Catalogue)

Auckland Institute and Museum; Manuscript Collection

MS 256 R66 (Horatio Gordon Robley Papers)
Robley-Bishop Marsden, Day, Best, Mair, Hocken, Hamiora Tu Ropere, Shepheard, Smith, Tate-Stoate. page 393 Smith, W. F. Gordon-Robley
plus extensive notes & drawings

Hocken Library, University of Otago; Manuscript Collection

MI 488 Moko; or Maori Tattooing ex: Robley Collection.
Proof copy; with extensive additions:
: Robley-Hocken; various-Robley
plus notes, drawings, photographs, newsclippings
NB: This material was acquired by Dr T. M. Hocken in 1904–1905. Also included are Robley's and Hocken's draft manuscripts for the planned second volume of the book, and a box of blocks used in the original printing.

MI 488 Best, Gudgeon, Hocken, Petherick, Seddon-Robley Hocken-Trimble; Sir Peter Buck-Hocken

MSI 488 Robley, Giglioli-Hocken
plus sketches, notes, photographs

VAR 3/3 “Maori Tatu & Moko” by H. Ling-Roth ex: Robley Collection, with MS notes

Microfilm 45, 3/152 Robley-Bishop Marsden

Canterbury Museum

This Collection includes a small number of annotated sketches not included in the Catalogue

Hawkes Bay Art Gallery & Museum; Library

Maori Sketches Annotated Scrapbook, 90 1; drawings, newsclippings, photographs G572.9931/ROB. (Rare Books Case)

National Museum of New Zealand; Ethnology Department

Robley-Best, MacDonald, Thomson


Tauranga Archives Robley-Adams

Victoria University of Wellington Library; Manuscript Collection
Horace Fildes Collection

Box 10. Robley-Fildes
Donne, Evans, Fuller, Irvine, Tauranga Savage Club-Robley
plus misc. items

Box 10a. Robley-Fildes; misc. items

Box 10/1. Robley-Fildes; Sprott-Robley
plus misc. items

Box 11. drawings, photographs, postcards

Fildes 1507. Major General H. Gordon Robley; Soldier and Artist” by Horace Fildes, 1921. Unpublished typescript. NB: This extensive account of Robley's life is based on memoirs sent to Fildes in letter form.

1507/2 Whitcombe & Tombs-Robley plus misc. items

1507/3 Robley-Fildes; various-Robley

Fildes NZ Portfolio/1. Robley-Fildes; various-Robley plus watercolours (included in Catalogue)

NZ Portfolio/2. newsclippings; & watercolours (included in Catalogue)

NZ Portfolio/3. watercolours (included in Catalogue) plus misc. items

NZ Portfolio/4. Robley-Fildes
plus watercolours (included in Catalogue)
plus misc. items

Fildes 45. Narrative of a Nine Months Residence in New Zealand [Earle: 1832 ed.] with additions; Robley-Fildes

Fildes 127. Old New Zealand [Maning: 1863 ed.] with addition; pen/ink sketch (included in Catalogue)

Fildes 272. “White Wings” [Brett: 1924 ed.] with additions; Brett-Robley

Fildes 509. Pounamu [Robley: 1915] with additions; Robley-Fildes

Fildes 510. Moko; or Maori Tattooing with additions; Robley-Fildes plus misc. items

Fildes 641 K Scrapbook; includes Robley MS and drawings

Fildes 1851. Durham Light Infantry Gazette (periodical) No. 1 (25/6/1858) to No. 9 (1/3/1861) with additions; MS notes in Robley's and Fildes' hands.