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The Maori King Movement in New Zealand


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ORIGIN.—Hongi Hiku—Matini te Whiwhi—Taranaki land league—Present King Movement—First meeting at Taupo, 1856—Meeting at Pactui, 1857—Ihumatao—Election of Potatau—Meeting at Ngaruawahia, 1858—Installation of Potatau—Meeting at Rangiaohia—Subjects discussed 315.
OBJECTS.—Important in their bearing on the progress of the race—Law—Mana of the Chiefs—Manorial rights—Desire for Independence—Preservation of the land—Reasons for the land league—Missionary influence 1622.
PROFESSED PRINCIPLES OF ACTION.—Three Mottoes, Christianity, Love, and Law—These Mottoes attractive—How far are these principles being worked out?—Can these professions be relied upon? 2226.
PROGRESS.—Gradual advancement—Land Squabbles an opening for recommending the scheme—Waiuku meeting, 1860—Potatau's proclamation—Ngatiruanui present their allegiance to the Maori King—Taranaki War—Speeches delivered at Ngaruawahia, April, 1860—War Expedition to Paranaki—Attack on Mr. Parris—Great Meeting of the Waikato tribes, May, 1860—Address of the Superintendent of Auckland Province to Potatau—Preliminary korero—Arrival of the Waikato tribes—Speeches—Distribution of food—Speeches—Address of D. McLean, Esq.—Review of subjects discussed—Erection of new Flag-staff—Extent of progress 2762.
RESULTS.—Opinion of the King party—The Moderate party—The Conservatives—Results as viewed by Europeans—Is diverting attention from useful and profitable results—Called out young men—Disturbed amicable feeling between the races—Effects on Moral and Social advancement—Suggestions 6267.
PROBABLE FUTURE.—Folly of attempting to put it down by force of arms—Contains the Elements of its own dissolution—Meeting at Kawhia— Dissatisfaction with the King party—The Movement may be controlled and absorbed—Prospective meeting of Chiefs 6771.
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