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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



This Deed conveying land written on this day on the twelfth of the days of December1853. 12 December.Wairarapa District. in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three (1853) is a paper of the full consent of us the people whose names are attached to this Deed to give up a certain portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings orMcmaster's run (Part of). Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.
And in consideration of our full consent entirely to give up this portion of our land Victoria the Queen of England agrees on her part to pay us the sum of oneReceipt for £100. hundred pounds (£100) which monies we have this day received from Donald McLean.
The boundaries of the land commence on the South at te Retimona's house thenceBoundaries. to te Waitapu and thence in the course of the Waihora stream to Motu o mango thence in an easterly direction to te Motu o ruatonoa thence to te Motu o tuaotea thence page 288downward to Potakanui thence to the Tuwharehanga stream and on to Rua o te rangi taupuru thence to te Harekeki thence to Rakaimawiti thence to te Awa a hurinuku and into the Ruamahanga river thence southwards in the Ruamahanga riyer to Kariahiahi thence outside to Matenga's cultivation at Kainoki to Tawharepurakau and down the Ruamahanga to Oetiku and on to te Retimona's house.
Reserve for miha. [100 acres.] One hundred 100 acres in this block will be returned to Miha o te rangi being the place where Haimona Pita died.

Now we have fully consented to all the conditions of this deed.

General reserve, 100 acres,Donald McLean also has agreed to the portion of land for ourselves in this purchase that is the one hundred 100 acres.
of which 20 acres are for Retimona. Twenty 20 acres will be marked off in this land for te Retimona te Ruaki the Surveyor will point it out to him.

Donald McLean, Comr.
Te Hiko x.
And 3 others.


Purvis Russell, Grazier, Ahuriri.
John P. Russsell, Settler, Wairarapa.
Angus McMaster, Tuhitarata.
Manihera, J.P.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 4th, 1876.