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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Deeds—No. 94. — Te Oreore Block (Collins's Homestead), Wairarapa District

Deeds—No. 94.
Te Oreore Block (Collins's Homestead), Wairarapa District.

This paper or Deed transferring land written on this day on the eighteenth 18 of the1853. 18 October.Wairarapa District. days of October in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty three 1853 Is a paper of the full and true consent of us the Chiefs and people of NgatikahungunuTe Oreore. (Collins's homestead) whose names are attached to this deed, on behalf of ourselves, our relatives and descendants, to entirely surrender a portion of our land to Victoria of England or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.
And having fully consented to sell and for ever give up this portion of our landReceipt for £200. Victoria the Queen of England on her part agrees to pay us a sum of Two hundred pounds £200 in money which sum has been paid into our hands this day by Mr. McLean.
The Boundaries at the eastward commence at Mangaoteraroa and goes south toBoundaries. Turio te raetea on to Toangaroa on to Akakahia and goes inland to Ipuapuhoro and goes to Motupuha and goes to te Whareotakarangi and goes northerly to te Pou thence to the eastward of Collins' fence on to Mangaoteraroa. We have fully and for ever transferred all the lands within the said boundaries which have been described and written, with all the trees, grass, water, houses, fences and all and every thing belonging to Collins within the said boundaries as a sure and certain land from us to Victoria the Queen of England or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.

And having consented to all the conditions in this paper we hereunto sign our names. And the Queen of England having consented to all the: conditions in this page 274paper Donald McLean the Governor's Land Commissioner for New Zealand signs his name.

(Signed) Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.
" Rahui.
" Hapiata Ohau.
" Maka Makamaka.
" Ko Hehe.
" Ko Himiona te Rangi.
" Paora Powhatu.
Here follow additional native signatures.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

(Signed) W. M. Smith, J.P., Government Surveyor, Wairarapa.
" R. Collins, Settler, Wairarapa.
" W. H. Donald, Settler, Wairarapa.
" John P. Russell, Settler, Wangai Moana, Wairarapa.

A True Translation.

(For D. McLean) H. T. Kemp,
Land Commissioner.

A True Copy of Certified Translation of Original Deed.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 13th, 1876.