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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.



This paper or deed, written on this day, on the tenth of the days of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, is a paper of the full and true consent of us the chiefs and people of Ngatitoa, on behalf of ourselves, our relatives and descendants, to entirely and for ever transfer our land at the Waipounamu as a sure and certain land from us to Victoria, the Queen of England, or to the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever and ever.

And having agreed to sell and for ever give up these lands, Victoria, the Queen of England, agrees to pay us in money five thousand pounds (£5,000). Two thousand pounds (£2,000) of the said money has been paid into our hands this day by Donald McLean. The balance of three thousand pounds (£3,000) is to be paid to us, and to the Ngatiawa, the Ngatikoata, the Ngatirarua, Rangitane, and Ngaitahu, who, conjointly with ourselves, claim the land; and we and the said tribes to be paid in yearly instalments of five hundred pounds (£500) in each year for six years, until the said three thousand pounds (£3,000) are expended. These payments being made in December and January in each year.

Now this assuredly is the final transfer or sale of all our lands on the said Island, which we have hereby certainly and faithfully conveyed, with its trees, lakes, waters, stones, and all and everything either under or above the said land and all and everything connected with the said land, to Victoria, the Queen of England, for ever and ever.

Now, certain places are agreed to by the Queen of England to be reserved for our relations, residing on the said land, which has been sold by us, but the Governor of New Zealand reserves to himself the right of deciding on the extent and position of the lands to be so reserved, and certain other portions of land have also been agreed upon by the Governor of New Zealand to be granted to some of our chiefs.

And having consented to all the conditions contained in this paper or deed, which has been read aloud and explained to us by Donald McLean, we hereunto sign our names and sacred marks; and the Queen of England having consented to all the conditions specified or contained in this paper, Donald McLean, the Land Commissioner for the Governor of New Zealand, hereunto signs his name.

[Here follow the signatures.]