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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.

Poverty Bay's First European Census

Poverty Bay's First European Census

The earliest detailed statistics concerning the European population of Poverty Bay (including the names of half-castes), together with particulars of the district's exports, its wooden buildings, its stock and the amount of land in cultivation by pakehas in February, 1851, appear in lists among the McLean papers in the Alexander Turnbull Library at Wellington. Probably they were compiled by W. B. Baker, of Tolaga Bay, but some of the particulars are in Mr. McLean's handwriting. Where the wife was a native, her name is not shown. The return enumerates 44 adults (including 14 women), 35 children and 25 half-caste children ranging in age from 1 year to 17 years. Additions and corrections made by the author appear in parentheses.

  • Thomas Albert (Halbert), a trader for (W.) Morris.

  • Peter Simpson, a trader for (W.) Morris, and Mrs. Simpson.

  • Peter Pullman (? Poulgrain), trader, his wife and six children.

  • Rev. T. S. Grace (who was relieving Archdeacon Williams), Mrs. Grace and three children.

  • (George) Rich, settler, Mrs. Rich and the Misses Rich (2).

  • (Andrew) Arthur, shoemaker.

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  • “Carrots,” or Stapleton, sawyer.

  • “Shoemaker Dick,” or Bourke, shoemaker.

  • “French Peter,” or Gerron, sailor.

  • “Scotch Jock,” or Gemmell, sawyer.

  • “Old Con” (Cornelius) Ryan, sawyer.

  • W. B. Cooper, carpenter, Mrs. Cooper and four children.

  • (J. H.) King, settler, Mrs. King and four children.

  • William Tarr, settler, Mrs. Tarr and eight children.

  • Mr. (J. W.) Harris, settler (and trader).

  • Edward Deacon, trader.

  • A Frenchman (name untraced).

  • Thomas Norcross, bullock driver.

  • William McMillan, settler.

  • John Hervey, trader.

  • “Old McKay” (James Mackey), sawyer.

  • William Brown, trader.

  • (Robert) Espie, carpenter.

  • “Old Browne” (J. G. Browne), blacksmith.

  • “Bob,” or Robert Newnham, ship's carpenter.

  • “Jock,” or John Baxter, labourer.

  • “Jack the Shoemaker,” or John Burton, shoemaker.

  • (Thomas) U'Ren, stonemason, Mrs. U'Ren and eight children.

  • (James) Dunlop, settler, Mrs. Dunlop and two children.

  • (A.) Smith (“Yankee” Smith), trader, and Mrs. Smith.

  • Misses Williams (2) (daughters of Archdeacon W. Williams).

The half-caste children are listed with only the father's surname: Simpson (1 boy), Harris (3 boys), Halbert (2 boys and 3 girls), Mackey (2 boys), Arthur (1 boy and 2 girls), Jones* (1 boy and 2 girls), Smith (1 girl), Campbell* (1 girl and I boy), Brown (1 girl and 2 boys), Espie (2 girls). In the cases marked with an asterisk the fathers were, apparently, out of the district. Several of the early residents bore the surname “Smith,” although “Yankee” Smith is the only one enumerated in the census.