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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.


page 51


No of series. Date. Writer. To whom Addressed. Subject.
1 Oct 22, 1860 The Superintendent, Otago The Colonial Secretary Enclosing application for leasing a portion of Stewart's Island.
2 Jan. 22, 1861 Hon. Colonial Secretary The Superintendent, Otago Enclosing copy of a letter from Topi, offering to sell Stewart's Island.
3 Feb. 20, 1861 Superintendent, Otago The Colonial Secretary Stating that, on certain conditions, Otago will buy Stewart's Island.
4 June 22, 1863 Hon. Dillon Bell Memorandum for Ministers, urging the advisability of purchasing Stewart's Island.
5 Sept. 5, 1863 Hon. A. Domett W. Gisborne, Esq. Memorandum of instructions for Mr. Heale.
6 Feb. 20, 1864 The Native Secretary H. T. Clarke, Esq. Giving instructions for his guidance relative to the purchase of Stewart's Island.
7 March 30, 1864 H. T. Clarke, Esq. Native Secretary Reporting progress.
8 April 26, 1864 The Superintendent of Southland Making proposals as to terms of purchase.
9 May 5, 1864 Superintendent of Southland H. T. Clarke, Esq. In answer to above, agreeing partly, and making suggestions.
10 May 6, 1864 H. T. Clarke, Esq. Hon. Colonial Secretary Forwarding copies of above, and asking for instructions.
11 June 1, 1864 Stating he cannot get money from the Province, and making suggestions.
12 Oct 24, 1864 Reporting proceedings and purchase of Stewart's Island.
13 Aug. 24, 1869 Hon. the Speaker of the Legislative Council His Excellency the Governor Transmitting Resolution of the Legislative Council.
14 Sept. 13, 1869 G. S. Cooper, Esq. Hon. Mr. McLean Recommending Mr. Mackay be instructed to pat matters to rights.
15 Oct 6, 1869 A. Mackay, Esq. Native Under Secretary Recommending delay till sitting of the Native Land Court, and enclosing copy of a letter, and nominal return of half-castes.
16 April 4, 1879 G. S. Cooper, Esq. Memorandum on Native Reserves in Otago and South-land.
17 May 21, 1870 Hon. D. McLean Stating that he has placed all questions referring to Native Reserves in the South in train for settlement, and enclosing correspondence.