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[untitled figure] 1 New Zealand Mobile Dental Unit, Helwan, ready to embark for Greece 1 NZ General Hospital at Pharsala, Greece 1 NZ General Hospital at Pharsala, Greece, April 1941 4 Field Ambulance MDS on slopes below Olympus Pass, Dholikhi, April 1941 4 NZ FIELD AMBULANCE AT KATERINE, Greece — The reception tent is to the right of the ambulance 4 NZ FIELD AMBULANCE NEAR PALEONELLENE, Greece — ‘Dugouts burrowed into the hillside and concealed under canvas and cut scrub’ 6 NZ FIELD AMBULANCE, Greece — Result of enemy aircraft action 7 British General Hospital near Canea, Crete, May 1941. The building on the hill was used as an MDS by 5 Field Ambulance Arrival in Greece, Piraeus A Sunderland flying boat lies off the coast of Greece Bill Ross, ‘Snowy’ Guy and ‘Hurricane’ Harrison near Elasson, the Company's last organised camp in Greece black and white photograph of army officers Breaking camp at Qasaba before the move to Greece Coloured map of Greece Dinner time, Mikri Milia, Greece Dispositions of New Zealand Medical Units in Greece, 8 April 1941 Dispositions of New Zealand Medical Units in Greece at 8 April 1941 Entering Piraeus, Greece Entraining for Greece, Ikingi Maryut, March 1941 Escaped from Greece: Sgt A. J. Grimmond (centre) and party sailed a caique to Crete Evacuation from Greece, April 1941 German dive-bomber shot down by the Divisional Cavalry during the withdrawal in Greece Greece Greece Greece GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE GREECE Greece: a troop train moves through the mountains towards the front Greece and Crete: Escape Routes and Routes of Evacuation by Enemy HMAS Nizam, carrying troops from Greece, arrives at Alexandria Identity card of E. F. Cooper, a New Zealand who escaped in Greece. He is described as an engineer of Athens map of Greece Map of Greece Marmon-Herrington armoured car in Greece Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation, Crete, May 1941 Near Vevi, in northern Greece. This forms a panorama with the picture on the opposite page New Zealand medical and dental officers from Greece and Crete at Stalag VIIIB, November 1941 On the Thurland Castle after evacuation from Greece On the Thurland Castle returning from Greece Pause on roadside, Greece—Lt-Col Gray on the left Porto Rafti. The battalion's last day in Greece Return from Greece, — Thurland Castle Return from Greece: L-Cpl J. Dempsey at Helwan with a Vickers gun he salvaged in Greece—this was used until it was lost in action at Sidi Rezegh Returning from Greece on board the Thurland Castle RMT men evacuated from Greece to Crete haul their possessions in a donkey cart Service Before BattleRt. Rev. Bishop G. V. Gerard and the Divisional Signals near KaterineGreece Signal equipment salvaged from Greece Signal office and main exchange, Divisional Headquarters, Kalokhori, Greece The evacuation from Greece —5 Brigade troops on HMS Glengyle The evacuation from Greece—on the Thurland Castle between Crete and Alexandria The Evacuation of Medical Units from Greece The Marit Maersk arrives at Piraeus, Greece The Marit Maersk arrives at Piræus, Greece, 17 March 1941 Thermopylae Line, Greece: Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation These soldiers rowed an 18ft open boat 150 miles from Greece towards Crete until taken in tow by a Greek scow: The train journey north through Greece Wounded from Greece and Crete at mess in a ward of 2 NZ General Hospital, Helwan


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