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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II

96 — The Prime Minister of New Zealand to General Freyberg

The Prime Minister of New Zealand to General Freyberg

16 September 1941

I gather from your telegram of 13 September that it is contemplated the Division should be employed in early operations. In view of the experience in Greece and particularly in Crete, I should be grateful if you would send me at once, if necessary after consultation with the Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, the following information:


In what operations is the Division to be engaged?


What is its role?


Is it completely equipped up to War Establishment in all respects?


If not, what are the deficiencies?


Are you satisfied that the Division is ready for action both in respect of training and equipment?


Is adequate AFV1 support available for the operations contemplated?


Is adequate air support available for these operations, and have appropriate arrangements been made for its use in conjunction with the land forces?

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This information is required by the Government to satisfy themselves and, should it be necessary to do so, to assure the people of New Zealand that our troops have not been committed to battle without every possible precaution and preparation to meet every calculable emergency being taken.

1 Armoured Fighting Vehicle.