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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

Aliakmon Line

Aliakmon Line

In the defence of Greece the New Zealand Division was first given a sector north of Katerine and south of the Aliakmon River, as well as the passes on either side of Mount Olympus. The 4 and 6 Infantry Brigades took over from the Greeks south of the Aliakmon River and set about preparing a defence line, while 5 Brigade manned new positions at Olympus. The Division was spread over an enormous front, no continuous defence line being possible.

With each brigade was a field ambulance. Each ambulance set up an advanced and a main dressing station to provide medical page 73 treatment for the sick and wounded. The usual procedure was for either A or B Company, each of three officers and 60 men, to set up the ADS, while the MDS was established by HQ Company of six officers and 100 men, sometimes assisted by the company not staffing the ADS. 4 and 6 Field Ambulances were north of Olympus, and 5 Field Ambulance was at first sited south of the mountain. Patients were at first sent back from Katerine by ambulance train to 1 General Hospital at Pharsala or to 26 British General Hospital at Athens.

black and white map of hospital location

Dispositions of New Zealand Medical Units in Greece at 8 April 1941