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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

10. Base Organisation of 2 NZEF

10. Base Organisation of 2 NZEF

There appeared to be some lack of proper organisation as far as the base in Athens was concerned, and there was no medical representative on the New Zealand base organisation. The Australians had a medical officer at Base Headquarters who proved of great value.

Under instructions from DDMS BTG, personnel of 1 NZ General Hospital were detailed for duty at 26 General Hospital and also to staff a convalescent depot at Voula, at a time when the evacuation of Greece had been decided upon. The evacuation had been definitely determined by Generals Wavell and Wilson on 19 April. The decision was kept secret because of the fear of its effect on the morale of the Greeks, especially the civilian population, and the possibility that there might be some interference with the arrangements for evacuation. The Greek higher command, however, was in favour of the evacuation in order to save unnecessary damage and loss of life. The attitude of the Greeks when evacuation was actually taking place belied the fears of the British staffs.

The main body of 1 NZ General Hospital embarked on 19 April in the afternoon, yet part of its personnel was left behind to run a page 148 convalescent camp under command of 80 Base Sub-Area. The New Zealand Reinforcement Camp was also situated at Voula.

In retrospect, it might have been possible, if the base authorities could have been informed of the position earlier, to have evacuated from the Athens area both the New Zealand personnel in the reinforcement camp and the convalescents and medical staff from the convalescent camp by the same convoy on which the staff of 1 NZ General Hospital was taken to Egypt.