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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

Evacuation of Greece

Evacuation of Greece

Enemy tanks had advanced across the plains towards the Sperkheios River, but the Germans seemed to be in no hurry to attack, spending several days building up their forces just beyond range of the Anzacs' guns. Meanwhile, west of the Pindus Mountains, the Greek Army had been caught in a hopeless position, and on 21 April it capitulated. The left flank of the Anzac Corps was now exposed, and the enemy could outflank the Thermopylae line. The evacuation of Greece, originally planned to start on 28 April, was advanced to the 24th. The units were told on the 22nd.

To cover the withdrawal of the other groups to the various embarkation beaches, 6 Brigade on 22 April took over from 5 Brigade in the Thermopylae line, and the ADS being run by B Company, 4 Field Ambulance, was placed under its command. The rest of the field ambulance made preparations to withdraw with 4 page 98 Brigade to Thebes, where a line was to be formed to protect the rearward move of the remainder of Anzac Corps. 5 Field Ambulance came under the command of 5 Brigade and made ready to withdraw with that group to beaches east and west of Athens. Later, 6 Field Ambulance also came under the command of 5 Brigade for the withdrawal.