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22 Battalion

List of Illustrations

page xii

List of Illustrations

German Tiger tank captured at La Romola, 31 July 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Following page 68
Original officers of 22 Battalion L. W. Andrew collection
Second Echelon men parade for showers, Trentham C. Boyer
Borax, the unit's mascot, on parade in England A. H. De Lisle
Sir Cyril Newall inspects 22 Battalion in England, December 1940 L. W. Andrew collection
Looking east from the exit of the gorge on the eastern side of Olympus Pass W. G. McClymont
Greece: a troop train moves through the mountains towards the front
Looking towards Mount Olympus from Dholikhi
C. W. Hawkins
The evacuation from Greece—5 Brigade troops on HMS Glengyle
German planes burning on Maleme airfield E. K. S. Rowe
Aerial photograph of Maleme airfield British Official
German troops waiting to embark for Crete Captured German film
Helwan, July 1941: Lieutenant-Colonel L. W. Andrew and his battalion on return from Crete NZ Army
Bringing in German wounded, November 1941 G. Silk
Captured members of B Company at Bardia German film, G. Order collection
Bren carrier with German machine gun, Gazala, December 1941 W. C. Hart collection
Lieutenant W. C. Hart, Les Murphy and Jack Weir rest on the way back from Gazala W. C. Hart collection
Playing cards under the olive trees at Haifa Rev. T. E. Champion collection
17 Platoon's camp on the Syria-Turkey border D. R. Hodgson collectionpage xiii
Captain Fred Oldham shaving in the Syrian desert A. H. De Lisle
22 Battalion digs in at Minqar Qaim W. A. Whitlock
A meal at Kaponga A. H. De Lisle
Sgt Keith Elliott, VC NZ Army (H. Paton)
Troops debus the day before the attack on Ruweisat Ridge R. M. Jaspers collection
General Freyberg joins Captain MacDuff and members of B Company in a mug of tea, 26 October 1942 C. F. Whitty collection
Tanks burning on Miteiriya Ridge C. F. Whitty collection
Unloading supplies at Sollum, November 1942 C. F. Whitty collection
Moving through the minefield at Siwa Road, November 1942 C. F. Whitty collection
22 Battalion Pipe Band, Maadi, 1943 R. Moody collection
22 Battalion prisoners of war at Stalag VIIIB L. Pahl
Officers of 22 (Motor) Battalion, Maadi, June 1943
Mess queue during the march from Maadi to Burg el Arab, September 1943 I. Ford
Following page 268
‘Biwies’ at Burg el Arab J. Lewis collection
Going ashore at Taranto NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Aerial view of the crossroads to Castelfrentano and Guardiagrele in the Sangro River area, January 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Brigadier Inglis chats with members of 2 Company at Salarola A. H. De Lisle
8 Platoon, I Company, just out of Cassino J. C. Cullimore collection
12 Platoon A. H. De Lisle
Snow-capped Monte Cairo and the Monastery guard the junction of the Liri and Rapido valleys F. H. Williams collection
The courtyard of the castle at Vicalvi, June 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
La Romola C. S. Barnden collectionpage xiv
Point 361—the battalion's final objective in the advance to Florence C. S. Barnden collection
12 Platoon before the move to the Adriatic A. H. De Lisle
I. F. Thompson receives a wireless message, Rimini, September 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Following page 300
D. Charlwood prepares a meal near Rimini NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Panther turret captured by 22 Battalion near Rimini, September 1944 P. W. Hector
22 Battalion rugby team which won the Freyberg Cup, December 1944 NZ Army (G. Bull)
A village priest brings in refugees from German-occupied areas near Faenza, December 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
D Company headquarters, January 1945 Unit photographer
A machine gun covers the Senio stopbank, January 1945 P. W. Hector
The attack across the Senio River begins, 9 April 1945 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
QM trucks at Massa Lombarda, April 1945 R. Costello
Don Horn, Sid Benson and Major Reg Spicer with a mortar captured at the Reno River, April 1945 K. J. MacKenzie collection
Ferrying trucks across the Piave, April 1945 R. Costello
German prisoners pushing their vehicles near Trieste, May 1945 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
C Company parades in Trieste, May 1945 R. Costello
22 Battalion controlling the Japanese repatriation centre at Senzaki
Resting during manoeuvres, November 1946
22 Battalion War Diary
Lt-Col J. T. Russell Rev. T. E. Champion collection
Lt-Col T. C. Campbell NZ Army
Lt-Col D. G. Steele D. G. Steele collection
Lt-Col H. V. Donald NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Lt-Col A. F. W. O'Reilly A. F. W. O'Reilly collection
Lt-Col W. B. Thomas NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)