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17 Platoon's camp on the Syria-Turkey border 1 NZ CCS at Zahle, Syria, March – April 1942 ACTION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN — The Leander bombed off Syria, as seen from HMS Phoebe A Kurdish village in North Syria Ancient caves at the source of the Orontes in the Bekaa Valley, Syria Baalbek, Syria ‘Tents were pitched for living in, messing in, cooking in’ —page 202 Battalion positions on Jebel el Emside in Syria Breaking camp at Kabrit en route to Syria chief railways of the levant in 1941 Convoy to Syria ‘Beyond the tarmac the sand was soft and deep’ —page 200 Crossing the Sinai Desert on the way to Syria Dinner-time in Syria Egypt, Palestine, and Syria Gas-mask practice on the Forqloss manoeuvres, Syria In the Zabboud area, Syria Leaving Syria on the Damascus road Lunch on the way to Syria, 4 March 1942. WO I ‘Uke’ Wilson is in the foreground Machine-gunners digging in, Syria Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation, Syria, March 1942 – April 1943 On the way to Syria: F. W. Cowan, K. B. Booker and J. G. Watson Petrol Compnay on the way to Syria, March 1942 Petrol truck on fire, Deir ez Zor, Syria. The driver, Cpl Pat Ward, was badly burnt tryping to take the blazing truck off the road Pioneers in Syria Sappers digging a gunpit, Syria SISTERS AND SOLDIERS Syria Syria: the upper reaches of the Orontes River Syria & Lebanon The Battalion convoy on the road from Palmyra, Syria The Leander bombed off Syria, as seen from HMS Phoebe The move to Syria. 4 Field Ambulance convoy in the Bekaa Valley Ward of 3 NZ Genral Hospital, Beirut, Syria, September 1942 Wire for defensive positions in Syria Wiring defensive positions in Syria


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