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1 New Zealand Mobile Dental Unit, Helwan, ready to embark for Greece 1 NZ General Hospital, Helwan, August 1943 25 Battalion officers, Helwan, 1941 26 Battalion on one of its frequent route marches at Helwan — Lt-Col J. R. Page and Brigadier H. E. Barrowclough are leading A 4.5 howitzer of the 6th Field, Helwan, January 1941 A mineral bath at Helwan: J. C. Reid, R. H. Kerr, H. J. MacDonald and J. E. Petrie At Helwan Camp, January 1941. Left to right: C. B. McIntosh, W. T. Weir, R. J. Loughnan and M. G. Loughnan A transport section with new trucks prepared to move from Helwan Cairo-Helwan area Company are at Helwan Divisional Petrol Company at Helwan after evacuating Crete General Freyberg inspecting 24 Battalion at Helwan — Lt-Col Shuttleworth is on the left Helwan, July 1941: Lieutenant-Colonel L. W. Andrew and his battalion on return from Crete Main street, Helwan NZ General Hospital at Helwan Return from Greece: L-Cpl J. Dempsey at Helwan with a Vickers gun he salvaged in Greece—this was used until it was lost in action at Sidi Rezegh River-crossing exercise, Helwan, February 1941 Saline bath unit, 1 NZ General hospital, Helwan, Note precautions against secondary infection Sixth Brigade on the march at Helwan, September 1941 Workshop Section—blacksmiths' shop, Helwan, 1941 Wounded from Greece and Crete at mess in a ward of 2 NZ General Hospital, Helwan


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