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12 Platoon pauses on the Pasquale Road about a mile from Cassino. G. T. J. F. Wright and W. E. MacLean standing on the road 14 Platoon after Cassino 1 Mobile CCS, Presenzano, Cassino 21 battalion operations in cassino 26 Battalion graves at Cassino 28 NZ Battalion taking showers, Cassino, March 1944 4 Field Hygiene Section's shower unit near Cassino 5 ADS, Cassino, March 1944 5 ADS, Sant' Elia, Cassino, April 1944 5 Field Ambulance ADS near Mount Porchia, Cassino 5MDS near Cassino, March 1944 6 Field Ambulance MDS at Pozzilli, near Cassino 6 MDS, Pozzilli, April 1944 – mountain sector, Cassino 6 NZ Field Ambulance ADS Reception Tent, Cassino 8 Platoon, 1 Company, just out of Cassino Adjusting an exchange relay at Cassino. A. B. Smith is the instrument mechanic Aerial photograph of Cassino, taken before the bombing on 15 March 1944 Aerial view of Cassino, taken in November 1943, showing Castle Hill in the background Aerial view of Cassino and Monastery Hill Aerial view of the bombing of Cassino A FIELD OPERATING THEATRE — —a surgical team applies a Thomas splint, Cassino Air view of Cassino looking south-east. Castle Hill is on the left, Route 6 and the convent on the right A jeep tests a Treadway bridge erected by New Zealand and American engineers in the Cassino area A meal for a mortar detachment, south of Cassino American Field Service ambulance near Cassino, March 1944 American signal wires on Route 6, Cassino An aerial photograph of part of Cassino. Route 6 is at the top and right of the photograph Application of a Thomas splint and use of Macintosh anaesthetic apparatus, 6 MDS, Cassino, April 1944 ATTACK on CASSINO ATTACK on CASSINO 15 to 24 MARCH 1944 Attack on Cassino Railway Station, 17-18 February 1944 Attack on Cassino railway station, February 1944; a view from the Maori Battalion's RAP Baltimores fly in formation to attack gun positions near Cassino Baron's Palace and the Colosseum from the railway area, Cassino Black and white map of Cassino Black and white photograph of aerial view of tents Black and white photograph of an aerial view Black and white photograph of army officers black and white photograph of chaplains and soldiers black and white photograph of group of soldiers Black and white photograph of landforms Black and white photograph of landforms Black and white photograph of landforms Black and white photograph of scnic mountain view Black and white photograph of soldiers black and white photograph of soldiers standing for inspection black and white photograph of view from Monte Trocchio Cassino Cassino Cassino, 25 February 1944 Cassino, November 1943 Cassino, twelve months later. Castle Hill in the right background Cassino. The railway on the left enters the Liri Valley; Route 6 is in the centre of the photograph Cassino after bombardment. The photograph was taken from a height of 22,000 feet Cassino and Mountain Sector Cassino and Mountain sector showing Medical Units Cassino — from the leading tank on arrival at the Railway station Cassino railway station Cassino under shellfire Castle Hill from the railway station, Cassino Cave used by 1 Parachute Division as ammunition dump and living quarters, Cassino Company HQ at Piedimonte d'Alife, near Cassino Entrance to Maori Battalion RAP in crypt at Cassino Field and medium guns on the Cassino front From the RAP in the entrance to the crypt at Cassino Inferno Track, Cassino, March 1944 – Brigadier H. S. Kenrick and Colonel R. D. King Inoculation day, Piedimonte d'Alife, near Cassino K. J. Retter using a director on the Cassino front Looking across twelve-month-old bomb craters to the wreckage of Cassino Looking on to the valley south of Cassino from near Point 202, 19-24 March 1944, showing part of inundated area along the railway embankment Looking out of the crypt, Cassino Montecassino abbey dominates the guns as they shell Cassino OFF THE RAILWAY ROUTE NEAR MOUNT PORCHIA, Cassino Pasquale Road, used by the troops on 15 March at Cassino Patients on stretcher-jeep near Cassino, April 1944 PLAN OF ADS RECEPTION TENT, 6 NZ FIELD AMBULANCE, CASSINO Quarrying metal for roads on the Cassino front RAP at Cassino, showing the entrance to the crypt, March 1944 Ready to advance into Cassino — 2 Lieutenant W.S.L. McRae in the foreground Route 6, about a mile from Cassino — a portee, two jeeps, and an anti-tank gun burnt out Ruins of the Continental Hotel, Cassino Smoke canisters screening Route 6 as it enters Cassino Smoke-screening 26 Battalion near the Cassino railway station—taken from a 36 Survey Battery post on Trocchio Tanks of 19 Armoured Regiment and British infantry enter Cassino, 18 May 1944 The 6 NZ Infantry Brigade ATTACK on CASSINO 15 TO 24 MARCH 1944 The approach to Cassino. Monte Trocchio is on the left of Route 6 running towards the town The attack on the Railway Station, Cassino, from outside the RAP. Smoke has been put down to give cover The bombing of Cassino. Castle Hill is on the right The bombing of the Monastery at Cassino, as seen from the bank of the Rapido River, 15 February The day Cassino fell The devastation of Cassino The first stick of bombs falls on Cassino, 15 March 1944 The first stick of bombs falls on Cassino, 15 March 1944 The snow-clad Monte Cairo towers above the monastery and town of Cassino as they were before their destruction in February–March 1944 Wrecked tank in the ruins of Cassino ‘I’ Section group, south of Cassino


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