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2 NZGH marches past Brigadier Bowerbank, Director-General of Medical Services, at Trentham At work in a carvan trailer, Trentham Base Dental Store, Trentham Camp Dental Hospital surgery, Trentham, 1943 Entraining at Trentham, 5 January 1940 mobilisation camps — Construction work at Trentham in the early weeks of war. Mobilisation camps were completed in record time Race meeting at Trentham, March 1943 Second Echelon men parade for showers, Trentham Trentham Camp, 1939 Visitors' Day, Trentham, before the departure of the First Echelon in January 1940 wartime racing — Trentham, March 1943. Servicemen and civilians queue together at the pay-out windows


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