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19 Battalion and Armoured Regiment

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

The day Cassino fell D. Kerr
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The original officers of 19 Battalion R. J. Thomson 150
Entraining at Trentham, 5 January 1940 Evening Post 150
‘The ropes were cast off and the Strathaird moved slowly out’ Evening Post 150
Work on a tank obstacle in Wadi Naghamish, June 1940 D. W. Sinclair collection 150
The Marit Maersk arrives at Piraeus, Greece V. C. Gordon 150
Welcome in Athens D. A. Hawkins 150
The first German prisoners at Servia being searched New Zealand Army 150
Mail day at Palionellini N. E. Andrews 166
19 Battalion transport bombed during the withdrawal from Servia to Molos V. C. Gordon 166
Evacuation beach of Porto Rafti N. E. Andrews 166
Arrival in Crete — Capt J. H. Danderson and Sgt K. G. Lett New Zealand Army 166
Looking towards Akrotiri Peninsula from north of battalion area D. A. Hawkins 166
Taranaki Company area on 20 May 1941 — a dead paratrooper N. E. Andrews 166
Pte K. R. Rieper, a runner, loaded with German pistols and ammunition, 20 May A. J. Spence 166
Company area at Karatsos — Ptes T. J. Foley and W. Porter A. J. Spence 166
HQ Company headquarters A. J. Spence collection 182
19 Battalion moving down towards the beach at Sfakia N. E. Andrews 182page xii
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The coastline near Sfakia D. A. Hawkins 182
Return to Alexandria — Taranaki Company group N. E. Andrews 182
Rendezvous at Kilo 40 during the move of 12 November 1941 New Zealand Army 182
A German 88-mm gun making off on the escarpment above Gambut, 23 November F. V. England 182
The link-up at Ed Duda Army Film Photograph Unit, British Official 182
A brew at a post in the desert S. Beck collection 182
A captured German motor-cycle combination at Ed Duda New Zealand Army 198
Battalion positions on Jebel el Emside in Syria New Zealand Army 198
Entrenched at Minqar Qaim — Sgt J. Hough G. W. Baxter 198
Wellington Company advancing against the Ariete Division on 3 July 1942 F. V. England 198
Major’s Field Medical Card Unit War Diary 198
Duda, other ranks’ mascot S. Beck collection 198
Major, official unit mascot, July 1942 New Zealand Army (H. Paton) 198
Major’s grave in Italy Unit photographer 198
A German Mark IV tank knocked out at Ruweisat Ridge, 16 July 1942 F. V. England 378
After Ruweisat — Wellington Company group W. J. Coleman collection 378
Brig L. M. Inglis, commander of 4 Armoured Brigade, inspects 19 Armoured Regiment at Maadi New Zealand Army 378
A knocked-out Sherman tank at Perano J. G. Furness 378
Bogged at the Sangro F. G. Tolley 378page xiii
Snowed up at Orsogna New Zealand Army 378
Cassino — from the leading tank on arrival at the railway station J. G. Furness 378
Aerial photograph of the station attack at Cassino 378
Crew of the leading tank relieved after the attack on railway station J. G. Furness collection 378
Aerial view of San Michele on the advance to Florence 394
A 19 Regiment Sherman enters Florence from Parade newspaper 394
A German Tiger tank knocked out during the advance up the Adriatic coast J. S. Somerville collection 394
Gunnery training at Fabriano W. K. Lloyd 394
B Squadron gunline at Faenza, Christmas Day 1944 D. Tomkies 394
Tests with tank-track extensions (‘grousers’) at Faenza W. K. Lloyd 394
A billet in the regimental rest area at Faenza W. K. Lloyd 394
A bath in the gunline at the Senio Llew Roberts 394
Taking up positions on 6 April 1945 for the initial attack on the Senio K. E. Perry 460
C Squadron moving up to join 22 Battalion at the Senio W. K. Lloyd 460
Headquarters of B Squadron and of Divisional Cavalry Battalion at the Senio and German prisoners F. G. Tolley 460
Stopbanks on the Senio Llew Roberts 460
A 17-pounder tank of C Squadron at Massa Lombarda W. K. Lloyd 460
At Massa Lombarda after having been done over by ‘minnies’ W. K. Lloyd 460page xiv
Infantry being taken forward near Medecina New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 460
After A Squadron had pulled back from where 9 Brigade suffered heavy losses at the Gaiana River Llew Roberts 460
Cookhouse at Medecina Llew Roberts 460
At Villa Fontana, south of the Gaiana River J. S. Somerville 460
German prisoners from the turret of a B Squadron Sherman D. Tomkies 476
Crossing the Sillaro D. Tomkies 476
Waiting to cross the Po River W. K. Lloyd 476
On the advance to Trieste Llew Roberts 476
On the waterfront at Trieste New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 476
The last day with the tanks near Trieste F. G. Tolley 476
unit commanders
Lt-Col F. S. Varnham 476
Lt-Col C. A. D’A. Blackburn 476
Lt-Col S. F. Hartnell British Official 476
Lt-Col R. L. McGaffin New Zealand Army 476
Lt-Col A. M. Everist New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) 476
Lt-Col H. H. Parata New Zealand Army 476